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  1. Nihon_Ni

    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2021

    WTH @jfields? It's nearly a week into the new year and you have yet to make a new thread with pictures of your latest conquests. You're slipping!
  2. Nihon_Ni

    75th Anniversary of VE Day

    Today marked the 75th anniversary of the end of one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Hundreds of thousands of men and women answered their country's call, and many of them never returned home, or returned home less than whole. As a Marine, I was taught the history of my forebears...
  3. Nihon_Ni

    PSA: National Beer Day

    Today is National Beer Day! National Beer Day is celebrated in the United States every year on April 7, marking the day that the Cullen–Harrison Act was enacted after having been signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 22, 1933. This led to the Eighteenth Amendment being...
  4. Nihon_Ni

    Bourbon Trail Advice

    I'm planning a trip to the Bourbon Trail with the missus, the boss and his wife. I just thought I'd seek out any advice from anyone who has done it before. Are there places I definitely should visit, and others that I might want to avoid? We're planning to spend either a full day or most of a...
  5. Nihon_Ni

    Victim of a Drive By

    So Sunday morning I'm minding my own business in the Airplane Factory installing wires in the Time Machine when I get a cryptic text that I don't quite understand. An hour later my wife tells me to check the porch. On my door stoop is an array of items, but like a mouse approaching a trap, all...
  6. Nihon_Ni

    Coolest Birthday Gift

    A couple of years ago for my 50th my wife got us tickets to the 100th running of the Indy 500. That was a really great trip. I've followed IndyCar my whole life, watched the 500 literally from all over the world, but that was the first time I watched it in person. A few months ago we were...
  7. Nihon_Ni

    Coolest Clock Ever

    When I was in second grade Santa brought me a blue Timex wrist watch. I've had a fetish for timepieces ever since. It's hard to admit, but I wore a Swatch when I was in college. Don't judge, that was my artsy phase. And it was the '80s! I've worn a variety of watches since then, until I...
  8. Nihon_Ni

    Backpacking Humidor

    I'm in need of some advice from the collective. I'm planning a week-long solo backpacking trip in a few weeks and I'm struggling to find a humidor solution. I want it to be fairly light weight, compact, crushproof, and hold 8-10 robustos. The challenge is finding a solution that meets all of...
  9. Nihon_Ni

    Smoking in NYC

    I'm heading to NYC this weekend and wondered if anyone could clue me in on the local public smoking laws.  For example, can I have a cigar in Central Park?  I'm not looking for a lounge as that will cost me too many husband points, just wondering what my options are in public spaces.   Thanks, Rob
  10. Nihon_Ni

    Bacon Pie!

    My office had a pie bake-off today.  While most people opted for summer's bountiful fruits and berries, I opted for something a little more savory...   Pie...Good Bacon...Good Why not put them together??   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:11890]   Red and yellow tomatoes, peeled, seeded and sliced...
  11. Nihon_Ni

    I'm not buying it!

    I'm pretty sure someone in the naming department needs to be fired.  There's no way I'd put this in my mouth!   I can see why they're on sale.    
  12. Nihon_Ni

    Bringing home the bacon!

    I need to get me one of these!   
  13. Nihon_Ni

    The Technology Train Passed Me By...

    As many of you know I've been serving overseas for a good while (next month it will be seven years). For all the technology that Japan exports, they don't really use it here. We didn't have Internet service at our apartment when we first moved in, and my landlord STILL doesn't have it -- or a...
  14. Nihon_Ni

    8,272 days and a wake up!

    Lord willing, as of Feb 1, 2012 I'll be a retired Marine after 22 yrs, 7 months and 23 days of service. I submitted my request a few hours ago and it's making its way though the system as I write this. It's not yet approved, but I have no reason to believe it will be denied. :cool: I'm...
  15. Nihon_Ni

    My Un-humidor

    My wife recently picked a humidor for me, similar to the one pictured below. I spent about a week seasoning it and once it stabilized I put 4 oz of 65% RH beads in it, then added cigars. Everything was fine for about a month, but over the last week the RH has been steadily headed downhill...
  16. Nihon_Ni

    Saint Luis Rey Serie G Short Robusto Maduro

    After 268 cigars, I decided it was time for my first review... I've recently been buying robusto sized smokes as I've found I have enough time to get through one of these during my lunch break without rushing them. I found this beauty at a B&M during a trip to Newport News, VA and it's been...
  17. Nihon_Ni

    Sydney B&M

    Can anyone give me a recommendation for a B&M in Sydney or other cigar-related locale I should visit while I'm in town?
  18. Nihon_Ni

    Pork Belly...What Shall Thy Become?

    I got tired of walking by the meat cooler and acting coy when the pork belly saw me because...well...although I fancy myself an amateur chef, and would watch Iron Chef or No Reservations if given my choice of TV programming...well...I just don't know what to do with it. But I finally did it --...
  19. Nihon_Ni

    Deployed at Christmas?

    Christmas morning is breaking over my home in Japan, and I'm thankful to be home this year to share today with my family. To any member of the armed forces who is deployed this morning in my place, please send me your address and I'll pass along a fiver of thanks for your service. Merry...
  20. Nihon_Ni

    B&M in Oahu

    Does anyone know of a good B&M in Oahu? I'll mainly be in the Waikiki & Pearl City area, but will be on the north shore a little. I'll be there this weekend and want to do a little browsing.