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  1. khari

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    RyJ Petit Piramides EL '05 after lunch
  2. khari

    Need a new Scotch

    To me it depends on the price. It's a good pour and at the price point from 5 or so years ago of $129, I felt like it was a good buy. I even found it at a place in Albany, GA for $99. That was a deal! The price increase got pretty stupid recently though. I have seen it for $230 to as much...
  3. khari

    In need of advice......

    Hey Brandon, I'm pretty familiar with Verizon and the feeling among many people there is that it's been downhill for the last 4 or so years. The package they're offering now is pretty outstanding and I doubt they'll offer it again. If you decide to accept, your last day will likely be the end...
  4. khari

    Johnny Walker Blue Label King George V edition

    @cigars&coffee did you ever crack this bottle?
  5. khari

    What's in your glass....2017

    Old Fashioned with Old Forrester.
  6. khari

    What's in your glass....2017

    I was suckered by the beautiful woman hawking that trash. Like I said, you live and you learn. To me the bourbon market has gotten stupid. I'll just go back to a few I know won't let me down.
  7. khari

    What's in your glass....2017

    Bird Dog 10. It was really, really bad. After purchasing I notice the label doesn't say "Straight Bourbon". Live and learn...
  8. khari

    What's in your glass....2017

    Surprising to hear that a 25 year old needed to be "smoothed out". That kinda sucks.
  9. khari

    In memory of MadMonk

    Very sorry to hear. He was a really good guy.
  10. khari

    What's in your glass....2017

    Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique. Mighty fine.
  11. khari

    Need a new Scotch

    All great suggestions. Aberlour and Glendronach are awesome (I'd recommend Aberlour 12 or 16 to a newb over the A'bunadh), as is Glenmorangie. I might add Cragganmore to the mix.
  12. khari

    Music Education - what's on your must listen to list?

    My kids do their homework in the kitchen and we have a Amazon Echo there. When homework starts my wife or I will usually put on Classical like Bach or Beethoven or Verdi or Chopin, or Jazz/Big Band like Gillespie, Ellington, Basie, Miles, or Gershwin.
  13. khari

    Where did everyone get there humidor from?

    I too have an Aristocrat from Bob Staebell.
  14. khari

    Today's Smoke 2016

    Opus X TAA '08
  15. khari

    Tell me what sticks you used to love but can't stand anymore

    Same here. My first box was Rocky Patel Connecticut. Half way through I think I started giving them away.
  16. khari

    Cigar Shops in Savannah

    None that I know of. Last time I was there I smoked at Wild Wing Cafe outside. Food, drink, and good atmosphere. River Street Sweets is just a few doors down, too.