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  1. whylieineedacigar

    And another one..

    Came home today to another unexpected large package. I asked my wife "did you order something?" And she replied "No, but the box says fragile on it and the postman basically threw it on the stairs." I then proceeded to open it and it blew my mind the amount of beverages that were in it. Some...
  2. whylieineedacigar

    What did I do?

    Opened my front door today to find a soaking wet package and thought to myself "what the hell is this and why didn't my ring doorbell alert me to it." Took the package inside the house and I almost lost both hands opening it. John, I don't know what I did to deserve such generosity but thank you...
  3. whylieineedacigar

    What has been your experience with moldy cigars?

    I didn't want to hijack the post about the moldy Gloria Cubana box split so I decided to open up this one. On January of this year, I ordered a sealed box of La Flor de Cano Petit Coronas. Upon opening and inspecting the box I realized that the cigars had mold. This was my very first time...
  4. whylieineedacigar

    The FDA finally figured it out

    And here I thought that the reason that cigar prices and taxes were going up was because all of the kids in my neighborhood were lining up to buy and smoke cigars.
  5. whylieineedacigar

    Verizon FIOS router

    Hello everyone. I'm was looking into getting the internet only Verizon FIOS 150Mbps. Has anybody here been using a different router than the one provided from Verizon? If so, which one are you using or recommend? I want to purchase my own instead of paying $10 a month for theirs (I prefer a...
  6. whylieineedacigar

    Help me pick a cigar

    Hello, my daughter was born on April 2015 and I want to get a few boxes of cigars to smoke on her birthday and on any other milestone she hits (graduations, marriage etc.).   My choices are a 50 cab of Partagas Lusitanias or 2 boxes of the Montecristo No. 2 but I welcome new suggestions. Which...
  7. whylieineedacigar

    What are you cooking for the 4th of July weekend?

    I'm thinking about smoking 2 pork butts overnight (about 22 pounds) to make pulled pork sandwiches, hot wings and maybe some jerk chicken.   What's on the menu at your house?
  8. whylieineedacigar

    Plume or Mold?

    A few days ago I was inspecting and rearranging the cigars in my wineadors. When I opened my box of Punch LE 2013 I found this sucker getting way too happy.   The humidity in my Wineadors is always around 64%-66% and the temperature around 65F. This is the first time I find mold on any of my...
  9. whylieineedacigar

    I can't...

    The other day I was browsing to the "Today's Smoke" topic and I saw a cigar that I have been wanting to try for a while. All I did was write "I really want to try this" and KaaaaaBOOOOM! Gavin blows up my mailbox.   Thank you for your generosity and going above and beyond Gavin! Not only did you...
  10. whylieineedacigar

    University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement

    Fantastic speech. I know that some of you will enjoy watching this.
  11. whylieineedacigar

    Another Wineador question

    I purchased 3 Newair AW281E during the winter to turn them into wineadors. I didn't have the need to plug them in because the temperature have been in the 65 - 71 range (but I did test them to make sure they were functional). Yesterday the day was very hot and my wineadors hygrometers were...
  12. whylieineedacigar

    FDA's Tobacco Legislation

    I received an E-Mail today regarding the tobacco legislation. In one of their definitions (number 6) they are proposing that for a cigar to be "Premium" it needs to be no less than $10. This price needs to come way down as there are many great cigars in the $4 - $8 range.   Here is the link...
  13. whylieineedacigar

    It's a sad day

    The other day I met up with some friends to have a few drinks. We were at the club drinking left and right and talking about cigars and many other things. I must have mentioned that I haven't had the chance to try a certain cigar Marca but I never thought he would remember because this fella was...
  14. whylieineedacigar

    Electronic personal cigar taster

    I received an email today from famous smoke advertising this thing. It's an electronic cigar taster that you plug into your computer and supposedly lets you sample the flavor profile of a cigar before you buy it. All you need to do is click on a picture of a cigar in their website and the...
  15. whylieineedacigar

    Buena Vista Piramide (Torpedo)

    This is my first time ever reviewing a cigar. There is a first time for everything so here we go. Thanks to Jason aka Backslide aka Mr. Avo aka Lover of beers aka good Gentleman for sending me this beautiful cigar on the Newbie Trade.   First thing I noticed about this cigar was how well...
  16. whylieineedacigar

    NY area Herf

    Gentlemen, this is an open invitation to join me at a cigar lounge located on Central ave in Yonkers, NY. Because I'm a member, you don't have to worry about paying any cutting fees or opening bottle fees (yes, you could bring your own liquor). I usually go there on the weekends and some times...
  17. whylieineedacigar

    Like the new look of the forum

    This theme looks really nice and somehow I find it easier to navigate. Yes, that sounds odd but the color format is nicer and distinguishes the location of the website better. Like for example the tab that says "Cigar Forum" is now white. Sometimes I used to click on "Home" by mistake which took...
  18. whylieineedacigar

    My first cigar bombs

    Dear Light this! (Kristopher) and searsa1 (Aaron),   Gentlemen, this really means a lot to me and I’m very thankful for this gesture of kindness. This is the first time I ever received a cigar bomb and it is funny that I happen to get two on the same day. When I first joined this forum I didn’t...
  19. whylieineedacigar

    80-Year-Old Iranian Man Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years

    Check out what's in this man smoking pipe
  20. whylieineedacigar

    San Miguel

    Received an E-Mail with a deal of 20 San Miguel by AJ Fernandez bundles for $49.95. I'm a fan of AJ Fernandez but never had these cigars before. Anybody has anything to say about these? I tried searching the forum for these and didn't see anything on them. Also tried searching online and read...