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  1. fjldo

    Happy Birthday CaptJ!

    Happy Birthday J, our resident horticultural expert! It was great to see you today and share a few smokes and a meal!
  2. fjldo

    Padron 50th Anniversary Cigars

    I've pasted an excerpt from CAs Cigar Insider eNewsletter regarding the Padron 50th Anniversary Cigar.  The info that has yet to be forthcoming is of course, the price.   PADRÓN FAMILY PREPARING TWO CIGARS FOR 50TH ANNIVERSARY BY DAVID SAVONA A50th anniversary is a grand occasion. When a...
  3. fjldo

    Air Force Flash Mob

    This is a recent flash mob presentation of the U.S. Air Force Band at the Smithsonian Institute.  Worthwhile watching, IMHO.
  4. fjldo

    Porn Stars……..

    Now that I have your attention……...Link has a slide show at end of article showing 83 porn stars, with and without makeup.  For you single guys, it might give you some hope…or concern….when sitting across the bar from your next pick up!  ...
  5. fjldo

    Alec Bradley Robbed

    Wasn't sure how many people picked up on this.  Here's a link.  
  6. fjldo

    Rolling Stones in LA tonight.....

    This isn't much notice, but they just announced the Stones will be playing at the El Ray club in LA tonight.  For any of you near LA, it appears you have to show up at the club by 1 PST to get random lottery tickets.     Here's the link:
  7. fjldo

    Kyrie Irving......Cleveland Cavaliers

    Cool video from Pepsi.................
  8. fjldo

    Insurance Underwriters and CCs....

    Thought this was an interesting article on how insurance underwriters value pre-embargo CCs.
  9. fjldo

    Slow Burning Filler

    Not sure what you call this phenomenon, but "on occassion" I will have a cigar burn quicker around the outside with the filler sticking out like a hot poker...still burning, but I don't seem to be getting much from the draw.  I've learned to just guillotine cut that part of the filler at the...
  10. fjldo

    This would be one hell of a box split!

    Came across this on ebay....fascinating story (true?)......check it out.