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  1. Slick300

    Vacation - what do I smoke?

    Well, as a follow up to my post about LCdH Cozumel, I'm throwing a line out for recommendations. Will be hitting Cozumel next Thursday, May 28. I figure I'll have time for a couple at LCdH and time onboard for a few more prior to getting back to the U.S. on the 30th. I've had a handful of...
  2. Slick300

    LCdH Cozumel

    Hello all and happy new year! Will be on a cruise in May which will include a stop in Cozumel and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with La Casa del Habano in Cozumel? From what I can find it looks to have a bar and restaurant as well as the cigar shop? Any insight would be...
  3. Slick300

    Newair AW-181E

    Hey all. I purchased a Newair AW-181E 'scratch and dent edition' from Air-n-Water. The damage was to the top rear casing of the unit. Plugged it into a shared power strip and temp display flashed 'Lo'. Did some searching and was unable to locate any reference to this code. Tried plugging...
  4. Slick300

    First week back to work and this happens...

    So, as I've posted previously, my little lady Lila Grace was born 2/20/13.  Wife had a C-section, so I took a couple of weeks off of work to help out.  This was my first week back, and TGIF...or so I thought.   I finally manage to make my way home today, walked in the house and on the counter IT...
  5. Slick300

    Here we go!

    Wife went into labor tonight. Baby is breech, so heading in for a we go!
  6. Slick300

    Jose Blanco Seminar

    Just got done with a Jose Blanco blend/tasting seminar at Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe. What a great, knowledgeable guy Jose is. I highly recommend this to anyone that can attend one at a B & M near them.
  7. Slick300

    Festival of Manliness - Troy NY

    No affiliation with any party involved in this event. Went to it last year and it was a great time for a good cause, so I thought I'd pass along the info.
  8. Slick300

    Roasted not toasted, a flavor not to savor.

    Good evening all- There are plenty of topics out there about how one lights their sticks, but not the issue I dealt with tonight. Not paying close enough attention while toasting my cigar tonight, I more than toasted the foot-roasted or slightly burnt was more like it. When I lit, I ended up...
  9. Slick300

    Brown's Brewing/Pints for Prostates Festival of Manliness

    Are any of my fellow upstate NY CPers attending this event on Sunday 1/22? If so, I'd like to put some faces with names. Let me know! S300 8-)
  10. Slick300

    What's your score?

    Hey everyone! Read this article and, as one who likes to discuss food, cigars, etc, found it rather amusing. I consider myself to have a rather low score, and I'd suggest the same of most everyone here, but I'm sure we all know some people that would be off the charts! Enjoy the read :thumbs...
  11. Slick300

    iPhone apps-cigar related

    Good morning all! Wondering if any fellow iPhone users out there have a favorite cigar related app they use? I see pretty good reviews out there of iVice and Cigar Boss. Any input would be grrrreatly appreciated! S300 8-)