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    Isolation Floating Chamber

    Hope all is well with everyone. Has anyone ever tried it? I finally got a chance to do it today. 90 minutes in a enclosed 7x4 isolation floating chamber filled with a foot of epsom filled water in complete darkness and sound proof. Nothing but your thoughts. You basically float in the epsom...
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    Happy Birthday CigSid

    Happy Birthday Bill! Enjoy your day and smoke some quality sticks today and not the usual dog rockets you smoke.
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    CigSid should be arrested

    by the damn postal service police! This guy just doesn't stop does he? I've been in NYC since the 22nd and just got back home yesterday. I went' to pick up the mail at the post office and here comes a box from CA. I shook my head and knew exactly who it was from. Bill, thanks again for your...
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    I had no idea that my neighborhood was getting attacked.

    Shiz, I guess it's not safe anywhere these days. The more things change - the more they stay the same on CP.    I had to work late today and haven't done so in a long time that coupled with a crappy week and my day ends with my arm being blown off opening the mailbox - WTF?   BBS (Tom) and...
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    Not safe even during Holy week.... WTF?

    Wow it seems that the brothers on this forum don't even care about Holy week. Got home home today and found a pretty big package from the USPS on my front door. I know that I didn't order anything so I opened it up anyway and boom there goes Holy Thursday's mass for tonight.   Brother John...
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    A big thank you to CP

    Gentlemen, as I'm winding down my last sale, I want to thank everyone for supporting my sales and a bigger thank you to Rod for this great site. As part of the sale, I donated some money to Rod to help off set some of his costs as I said I would even though he didn't want it. There is not...
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    Happy Birthday Bill (CigSid)

    Happy Birthday Bill. Dig deep into that humi and pick some winners brother! Enjoy your day.
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    Converting my walk-in into a wine cellar.

    Gentlemen, I'm converting my cigar walk-in into a wine cellar. I enjoy wine and know a bit about it but was wondering if I needed to do anything else. For all you wine enthusiasts, what is the ideal temp/humidity and what type of modifications do I have to make? Any help is greatly appreciated...
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    Insuring a cigar collection

    Has anyone had experience and or have successfully insured their cigar collection? I've been thinking about this lately. I mean it would probably be easy to insure a non CC collection but how about a CC collection. There is probably a lot of red tape when it comes to CC's to begin with. Anyway...
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    New Añejados Line from Habanos SA

    WTF? Another new line. I don't know about these and it sounds like a ploy to sell some more cigars at outrageous prices. Hell, I rather just age my cigars or buy some aged stock of some CC's that I really enjoy. What are your thoughts?
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    Ben, you sneaky bastid!

    Ben, you're one sneaky bastid for sure. I came home today to a blown up mailbox! A very nice selection of stogies that I will enjoy.    The whole thing is that Ben has been PM'ing me about another member asking for some guidance and then turns it around on me. Caught me off guard for sure and a...
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    Welcoming an M+ Staebell Humi into my home

    Well, I've finally run out of space in my custom cabinet and closet walk-in humis. I will be picking this baby up tomorrow. I got a very good deal on it and it's in perfect condition with mo scratches or issues whatsoever. The only thing that I will be doing is updating the Set & Forget unit to...
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    Thanksgiving Anniversary Day Contest

    Gentlemen, my 3 year CP anni falls on Thanksgiving day - woohoo and yes I'm still a damn noob and Doc always reminds me of it! :D   I have met some great friends here, learned a lot and absolutely love this place. Its been said before that Rod has the best cigar community on the net hands down -...
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    Banning Tobacco Sales - WTF?

    Wow, It's definitely a grim future for us gentlemen. Buy all you can now and start hoarding your cigars. :(  Talk about freedom.
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    USPS Is looking for Cigars&Coffee (John)

    Yup John, there is a flyer with your picture at my local post office for blowing up my mailbox with a favorite scotch of mine.   Not really sure how I pissed you off to receive this but I really appreciate your kind gesture brother and rest assure that it will be enjoyed in moderation of course...
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    Beware Of A Scammer

    I almost got scammed over on Wades but was able to get most of my money back. Rod, I'm not sure if someone has registered with this name but here is what I have on him. He basically stole some cigars from a member back in late July/August for a tune of almost 3k. They agreed on a trade and the...
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    Your Best RE's Smoked To Date

    Alright, just an off shoot on where we left off on the Next CC Star thread. What are the best RE's that you have smoked to date? These don't have to be readily available. I do enjoy LE's but find myself gravating to the RE's and think that most resemble the regular production cigars in terms of...
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    The Next CC Star

    Alright gentlemen we've all probably been there and missed the boat on some current HTF sticks such as the 04 Cohiba Sublimes, Cohiba Gran Reseva, PL Magnificos, 10 PL Regalias de Londres, Edmundo Dantes 109's,  etc - you get my point. Some of these were limited releases with only a few hundred...
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    Ferrari F430 GT Race Car

    Well while in Vegas my buddy and I headed over here: to drive a supercar around the race track. It was located right at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Initially we wanted to drive some Lamborghini's but after they started up the Ferrari F430 GT non street legal race car...
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    PL Picadores

    I finally read my first review of the PL Picadores: