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  1. jorel

    Gloucester Street Cigar?

    Got a heads up that Gloucester Street Cigar in Boston closed. Did some searching and can't find out much. Anyone with an update (is it temporary or permanent)? Thanks John
  2. jorel

    My bromance with Anthem

    I had to go to Atlanta for work, and was able to add a few days on to see my parents since they live there. But . . . the real treat was to meet up with Matthew/Anthem. I even stopped by to meet him before I went to see my parents! (Of course, my mother asking, so you went to see this guy...
  3. jorel

    Tat M 80 review

    Had the opportunity to smoke the Tatuaje M-80 - a smoke made for 2 Guys in New Hampshire. As implied by the name, it is a nice spice bomb right out of the gate. I had expected something similar to the Tat T110, since it has similar size and shape, but this was even more complex and rich than...
  4. jorel

    Cigars in Antigua?

    I am taking my bride on our 25th wedding anniversary to Sandals Resort in Antigua mid April. Can't find much updated info online. Looking for general thoughts/tips and specific ideas for buying smokes. Any help appreciated. Thanks, John
  5. jorel

    My Father Davidoff Blend

    Was not aware of this cigar before spending some time at the Davidoff store at Columbus Circle in NYC recently. They told me the cigar was blended by Don Pepin Garcia just for the two Davidoff stores in NY. I'm a big fan of nearly everything rolled by My Father. This is no exception. A...
  6. jorel

    Brussels, Paris?

    Hi - am traveling for work next month to Brussels and Paris. Any CPers from there (or regular travelers)? Please PM me so I can ask some questions about the cigar world there (and even smoking bans I've read about - hard to believe for Paris where I think they are required to smoke 2 packs a...
  7. jorel

    DC Gridiron Greats?

    My B&M taunted me with a single of the Diamond Crown Gridiron Greats cigar. Couple of websites say it was released late last year and features a cameroon wrapper (not one of DC's standards). Anyway - searched here but didn't see anything. Has anyone tried it? Supposedly only 700 boxes made...
  8. jorel

    Two years on CP

    Just crested the two-year mark on CP. Five things I've learned. 1) Bombing strangers can be fun. 2) Box Splits are awesome. The "Chumps" foursome I'm in is one of the things I really enjoy through CP. And I've hooked up with some others who have split boxes on occasion - seems to be an...
  9. jorel

    Tatuaje Anarchy Kind of cool, kind of freaky.
  10. jorel

    Kennedy's, Clinton's, Obama's and now me

    Taking family to Martha's Vineyard for first time. Everyone gets doe-eyed when we mention it - so I hope it is a quiet and nice as promised. Shirts . . . check Shorts. . . check Underwear . . . check Sandals . . . check - - - all packed. Now let's see about the portable humidor. Here's...
  11. jorel

    No Smoking At Davidoff Madison Ave

    I stopped in to Davidoff at Madison Ave in NYC today to 1) check out the new Davidoff Puro D'Oro and 2) beat the tobacco tax increase going in effect soon. Sign on the door said "no smoking due to dispute with building management." Come on already! Can't smoke in one of the world's most...
  12. jorel

    Which would you visit?

    I am going to be driving with my family by Allentown, Pa., on Saturday. I noticed that both Famous and CI have large retail outfits both close to each other and not far from the highway. Has anyone been to either? Am thinking I have one shot - can't make the family endure two side trips. Or...
  13. jorel

    In Budapest May 1-8

    Get to go to Budapest for first week of May on business. Based on web search, looks like Cigar Tower is the major retailer there. Also looks like govt imposes healthy tax on cigars (I say - welcome to the NY-CT area). Anyway - any BOTLs in Budapest open for a smoke (or anyone have...
  14. jorel

    El Triunfador #4

    I know El Triunfador. El Triunfador is a friend of mind. You, sir, are no El Triunfador. Or the line goes. I knew this was a new blend of the "old" name. I still have 20 of a box of OR Triunfador Lanceros I bought a year ago. Love that dark, oily wrapper, maduro-type taste. Mmmm. But we...
  15. jorel

    Next CRA Sampler

    No word on how to order it yet (first you have to be a member), but read this with interest today: Linky John
  16. jorel

    Just piddling

    I have been inspired by a few others who have been doing some humidor re-arranging. Plus, I was fortunate enough to get some Tats recently (including a few Dracs and Boris), so I needed to get them humidified. (My wife wondering - what is he doooing in there??) Side note: Oh how giddy I was...
  17. jorel

    CAO MX3

    A few months ago, I jumped on a 5-er offered by a fellow BOTL from CP of the CAO MX3 made for Drapers (no expert here - says so right on the label!). Big fan of CAOs. Overall, I think they are extremely well made with great flavor. Most CAOs I've had are very interesting to smoke. Rarely do...
  18. jorel

    New El Triunfador

    Had heard a new blend/even sizes of the Pete Johnson's El Triunfador was on the way. Pete teases us with a brick of them wrapped - so hard to see. Try linky. Who has info on when they'll be out (and hopefully avail in the US)? Frankly - love the original blend - so wondering how the new...
  19. jorel

    I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry 2

    I knew some time ago I had a meeting in "the city" for yesterday and that it would end early afternoon. I decided I could work the afternoon "remotely" and invited Los/Nasty to meet up for some smokes. Great day in NYC. Beautiful weather, two handsome guys :sign: strolling the sidewalks...
  20. jorel

    Punch Punch

    First time I was able to try a real Punch Punch. Beautiful construction, although it came from Spain and oddly the local B&M vacuum packed them since my friend was carrying them back. Took 10 weeks for it to "unfurl" to be nearly its usual size. Taste was as anticipated - smooth, creamy cuban...