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  1. Jonathan Drew

    feral pig tunnelling. Common?

    Construction issue. Some sticks that are smoked outside that are also not lit the right way or not touched up can tunnel. Best, JD Kona 1000 ... I agree that it looks fine, but might have a whole down the center. This one looks like a tough call. Not from an issue of Customer Service, but...
  2. Jonathan Drew

    Undercrown Corona Viva!

    Thanks SkyKing. When you write, it feels like your right in front of the person. Best, JD
  3. Jonathan Drew

    feral pig tunnelling. Common?

    Guys. I appreciate the opportunities you have given Drew Estate all along the way. From a tough, well, very tough beginning, we learned that growing our company requires three things: (1) quality cigars with perfect draw, (2) cutting and lighting one cigar at a time, one person at a time, and...
  4. Jonathan Drew

    Undercrown Corona Viva!

    Thanks for the review SkyKing. I like your style. JD
  5. Jonathan Drew

    To the great guys at Drew Estates

    Sorry that I missed this thread, Amigo. Absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed your package. It is our pleasure, Guru. Best, JD
  6. Jonathan Drew

    Most Anticipated IPCPR Release

    Beautiful Thread. So many great cigars to be smoked and enjoyed. This is what makes our industry so unique and exciting. Hoping that everyone enjoys their favorites and finds some new favorites as well. Best, JD
  7. Jonathan Drew

    feral pig tunnelling. Common?

    What "Premium" means to me: This is the customer service that Pak deserves. I only hope that I can keep attending to all of your needs at this pace. It is so important to me and the guys at DE that we always remember what "PREMIUM" really means. As I have mentioned before, "Premium" is a...
  8. Jonathan Drew

    Drew Estate Undercrown and Oliva Serie G

    Interesting remarks and thoughts. Have you fellas tried the new UNDECROWN "Corona Viva" ?? Best, JD
  9. Jonathan Drew

    Cigar Apps

    Hey ... what about the Free Drew Estate App for iPhone and iPad and Droid ..????? Hahhaahahaha .. check em out. JD
  10. Jonathan Drew

    feral pig tunnelling. Common?

    Pak1351. Right here bro. Lets get this issue covered. Please contact John Brooke at the following email and cc me on the matter Please mention to John that I asked you to ship us back the remaining sticks to the office, Attention John Brooke. Please...
  11. Jonathan Drew

    LP9, FFP, Dirty Rat

    WKOTI .... 1. Still getting to the 4 weeks backup on emails. 2. Was that you on the CA Forum???? Hope you are doing good my brother and thank you for your patience. I made a YouTube account called "DrewNica" that you can check out and Subscribe to if you find some spare time. Hope all that...
  12. Jonathan Drew

    MUWAT by the fire.

    Fellaz, Hope that you all have been doing well. LeftyPostHole mentioned that the BAIT FISH (MUWAT 4x44) were a One Store Release. This was in fact true, but are now open for sales to all of the B&M throughout the USA and Holland. We shipped out about 100 boxes last month and hope to have a...
  13. Jonathan Drew

    Acid Cigars, Good or Bad?

    CQB - I am going to check for it tonight. TheFatGuy - that means a lot to us. Much love and thanks for the second chance ..!!! Best, JD
  14. Jonathan Drew

    Drew Estates "Feral" ~ What is it? Where can I buy more?

    Sorry EmoShun. I do not. However, have you downloaded our free app for Ipad and/or Iphone? It has a store locator for the Liga line by state and area and it sometimes helps. Best, JD
  15. Jonathan Drew

    Continuing Praise for Drew Estates- Met JD Today!

    Thanks Brother. Please post photo if possible or email it to me (of us or just you). Not urgent, but if you remember than great. Best, JD
  16. Jonathan Drew

    Acid Cigars, Good or Bad?

    WKoti. Funny, as we are hitting each other on different posts right now. i just responded to a different thread about you ..... hahahahah Sounds great in regard to the NATURAL by DE. Trust me, it may not be your cup of tea. I am pretty sure that its not, but I want you to experience it...
  17. Jonathan Drew

    LP9, FFP, Dirty Rat

    1. Thanks for the Customer Service Compliments. Sometimes it can be some additional work for me, but I will tell you this: It allows me to listen to real, honest concerns that our customers have and it instills a confidence between us and our customers that we want to see this movement...
  18. Jonathan Drew

    Acid Cigars, Good or Bad?

    Amigos. Thank you for the feedback on this topic. It is interesting for me to read so many various thoughts regarding ACID Cigars, Drew Estate (past & present), and other brands including JAVA by DE and Tabak Especial. Wkoti' s thread was interesting, even if I dont 100% agree with everything...
  19. Jonathan Drew

    Giving Back & Enjoying

    ilikefishes. yes, my friend. Any of the retailers in the US who want the BaitFish will eventually be able to order it. We are gearing up production now and it will take a few months to really get going. It is a relatively easy cigar to make, fortunately. Gern Blanstein - glad that you liked...
  20. Jonathan Drew

    LP9, FFP, Dirty Rat

    Wkoti. I am sorry to hear about the damaged heads on some of the FFP. This is not the retailers fault on this occassion and we are working on making the boxes much better to protect the heads in the future. It is our fault. I have two questions: 1. How many were damaged (even in the...