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  1. Nickc

    Don Pepin and Family Meet and Greet

    Moving this to the appropriate forum Hey Everyone, I know alot of people are Don Pepin supporters, so if you live in MA or RI here is your time to meet the man behind the cigars. My local BM (that has one of the best selections in the area) is having a meet and greet with Don and Jaime on...
  2. Nickc

    Vinotemp 28 TEDS

    Hey Everyone, I picked up a 28 bottle vino yesterday, and I have a few questions. I did read through the sections for wine coolidors, but am wanting some opinions on some things. Has anyone had any real problems with condensation in this unit? How did they control it and what steps and...
  3. Nickc

    Don Pepin and Family Meet and Greet

    Moved to the appropriate area.
  4. Nickc

    New Pipe

    Got my first good pipe not too long back.... I love it on a Saturday or Sunday morning!!!
  5. Nickc

    Tatuaje Ohio Smoke Shop Release

    Hey Everyone, Was wondering if anyone knows about a Tat that was released to an Ohio shop. I heard you can get them on their website. Anyone know where I can locate these? Thanks all for the help and sorry I have been pretty silent lately. I have been working in MA and NY atm on days and...
  6. Nickc


    Anyone every order from Texcigars? Good/bad feedback?
  7. Nickc

    How To: Lining My Cabinet with Cedar.

    Hey All, I am looking to line my cabinet with cedar to help maintain humidity better. The seals on my glass doors are pretty good but I want it cedar lined. Here is a picture of what I have, I already have a source of where I will get the cedar, but I need to know how I should do this. I am...
  8. Nickc

    Air Flow in my Humidor

    Hey everyone so here is the cabinet I have. I ordered a new Hydra LG Humidifier for it and some fans. I have noticed a difference in RH from the top of my humidor to the bottom. I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend how to point my fans to keep airflow established and keep the RH...
  9. Nickc

    Hydra LG Humidifer

    Anyone know where I can get a Hydra LG Humidifier cheap? I am also looking for the fan attachment. Thanks, Nick
  10. Nickc

    New Member of the Family

    This is the newest member of my family... It brings a tear to my eye!!
  11. Nickc

    Got bombed...

    So who is The Master Blaster???? Show yourself........ I want some info on the bomb you just dropped on my ass!!! GRRRRR
  12. Nickc

    Spanish Cedar

    I am looking to get some sheets of spanish cedar. Anyone know a place I can get these from? Thanks,
  13. Nickc

    Cabinet Humidor

    Hey everyone, Has anyone ever heard of a cabinet humidor made by fuegu cubano or it could be fuego cubano as well. Not sure. There is a guy in my area selling one, said he paid 1500 for it and I am getting a good deal so I am looking at scooping it up. Thanks, Nick
  14. Nickc

    Stopped at the Mexican Border

    Nevermind.... Just found what I was looking for.
  15. Nickc

    Xikar Adjustable Hygrometer

    Hey all I know there are many topics out on this, but I was wondering what you all think. Here are the instructions they give, but I am wondering if I should go past just the 4 hours. Please provide me with your 2 cents. These are the instructions from Xikar: "To calibrate, fill a plastic...
  16. Nickc

    Just picked up..

    So today I picked up 3 x Opus X Robusto 1992 Rare Estate Reserve's an Ashton VSG and a Padron 1964. I wonder what is in store for my taste buds?
  17. Nickc

    Sampler I am looking at.... What do you all think?

    Hey all I am thinking of getting the following sampler to try different manufacturers and types of cigars. What do you all think? 1 - 5 Vegas Classic Robusto (5" x 50) 1 - 5 Vegas Miami Toro (6" x 48) 1 - 601 Serie Green Oscuro Tronco (5" x 52) 1 - CI Legends by Don Pepin Garcia (5.75" x 54) 1...
  18. Nickc

    CAO Sampler

    Good afternoon everyone, I haven't had much experience with CAO before, so I was wondering what the general consensus is on these cigars. Here is a list of a sampler I am looking into. The CAO Box-Press Sampler includes 21 cigars: 3 - CAO America Box-Press (5.5" x 55) 3 - CAO Brazilia...
  19. Nickc


    I am sorry this will not happen again. This is one thing that I can assure... Nick