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  1. NorcalMark

    CroMagnon BlockHead Limited Release

    Hey Fellas   We just got in 30 10ct boxes of the CroMagnon Block head. 6x54 box pressed     Limit release cigar for our store. these will only be available every quarter.   30 boxes now.   $85.00bx and shipping.     you can get them via our website     Mark from Tower Pipes...
  2. NorcalMark

    Padron, Tatuaje and one other brand

    Hey fellas,     I have a few things I am putting on sale.   this sale will be via PM or phone call to the shop only.  If you are interested in some prices feel free to PM me.   Padron prices are going up so I decided to put a few things on sale.   Select 64's sizes and wrappers and one Vitola of...
  3. NorcalMark

    Stuff to move

    Good time to stock up for the winter. 1bx Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf $200.00bx 1bx La Riqueza #5 $112.50bx 1bx La Casita HCB corona $105.00bx 2bx La Casita HCR Robusto $114.00 per box 1bx Tatuaje Tainos $200.00bx 3bx Tatuaje Regios Reserva $180.00 per box 1bx Illusione Ultra OP #1 $146.00bx...
  4. NorcalMark

    Anyone tried the new Smoking Jacket by HKJr

    We just got them in the store.   I took the advice of a good customer and picked up the line. My customer was looking for a box of he corona gordas. I must say, I was a little apprehensive because I am not a fan of most of the avo, griffin, zino or davidoff products. Mostly Avo. I find it...
  5. NorcalMark

    Liga Privada in stock....

    Only have a few boxes...   Robusto #9 Toro #9 Belicoso #9   If you are looking for a box pm me or call me and I will make you a deal.   Mark from Tower.
  6. NorcalMark

    Odds and in's...

    Cain 550 Habano $105.00 shipped Cain F 654T Habano $125.00 shipped CyB Robusto Deluxe $120 shipped     I have one each of these in stock.    PM me or call the shop   916 443 8466   Mark from Tower Cigars.
  7. NorcalMark

    Who wants LFD Chisel maduro and Oro Tubo maduro

    I have an over stock on both.   Chisel maduro bx10 $63.00 shipped Oro tubo maduro bx5 $52.00 shipped   I also have some others I can make a deal on if there is something you are looking for.   PM me what you might be looking for.   Mark from Tower Cigars 916 443 8466    
  8. NorcalMark

    I'm tired of looking at these....

    Cain F Lancero Tubos.   Help me get ride of them!!   $53.95 bx10 no shipping.   Call me at the shop to order.   916 443 8466   we have 6 boxes available.   Mark from Tower Cigars
  9. NorcalMark

    Have you ever heard...

    The toothy oil pockets pop or sizzle when they fire hits them.   I was telling one of my employees a few weeks ago about it. He didn't believe me until yesterday.    
  10. NorcalMark

    We like you?

    I try and offer the best deals we possibly can. I even discount cigars are that are in limited supply.    So, I wanted to to offer up a limited cigar at a great price. This cigar has been said it is the best cigar from this particular boutique maker.   You may have a box or two of these already...
  11. NorcalMark

    Classic car question

    I need to replace the leaf springs on my 65 lemans.   I am thinking a new set would be the best bet, but what about a suspension shop re-arching them.   Trying to find a new set and have them shipped wouldn't be cost effective.   Anyone have a parts place they like to get stuff from?   any...
  12. NorcalMark

    Anyone looking for...

    Tatuaje Noellas reserva or Tatuaje regios reserva   I have a good deal going now until they are sold out.   PM for prices.   Mark from Tower Cigars    
  13. NorcalMark

    Afternoon delights!

    Illusione OP Ultra   #1 Double Corona $166.00ea (2bxs available) #9 Toro $162.00ea (1bx available) #4 Robusto $150.00ea (2bxs available)   Oliva Cain Lancero $50.00ea (9bxs available)   shipping added to all orders.   PM me if you are interested.     Mark from Tower
  14. NorcalMark

    Cromagnon knuckle dragger

    For the ride into work. Conn broadleaf filler Cameroon binder Nicaraguan fillers. Nice sweet earthy smoke with jolt to get you going.
  15. NorcalMark

    Some morning morsels to choose from

    Good morning my friends. A little pick me up this morning. Viaje Honey & Hand grenades 2013 20% off Viaje st pattys day 2013 20% off Viaje skull & bones little boy 2013 20% off Viaje Holiday Blend 2012 25% off Viaje tower 45th 2012 20% off I have a limited number (maybe one box) of each...
  16. NorcalMark

    Tatuaje Cohete

    Hey Fellas!! The Tatuaje Cohete is coming back. They first debuted in 2006 (50 boxes) then gain in 2009 (100 boxes.) They are finally back in 2013. These wont be as limited as the first releases but will be made in limited runs throughout the year 4x50 petite robusto bx25. No firm...
  17. NorcalMark

    Dominican Partagas Benji Menedez Master Series 2012 and others

    Closing out what is left of the   Dom. Partagas Benji Menedez Series 2012   7 boxes available   18ct boxes 6x54   $125.00ea and shipping.     LFD Double Ligero Corona Crystal Tubo   3bxs available   10ct boxes 5 5/8x44   $47.00ea and shipping     LFD Double Ligero Robusto Crystal Tubo   4bxs...
  18. NorcalMark

    Stock up for you summer time smokin'

    Hey Guys,   It's been a little while since I have been around. Had some family issues. The passing of my FIL, moving a couple of times, dealing with the sale of the building I am in. Lease is up. I could go on and on. We all got problems, hahaha.      I wanted to get back to some good old...
  19. NorcalMark

    Casa Fuente Robusto (Yellow band on foot)

    I really love the cameron wrapper. What wrapper is this yellow band? Medium or full
  20. NorcalMark

    Sons of Guns

    Does anyone watch the new show Sons of Guns. Those guys make and refurbish some really cool stuff. Did anyone see the machine gun that was used in WW1. that thing was cool. Although I forgot got the name of it.