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  1. khari

    Audiophiles, I need some guidance

    Thanks to some of the SOBs on this forum (Doc, Madmonk and AVB immediately come to mind), I find myself giving in to a new addiction er, hobby. I feel like this one could be a really bad slope to slide down so I'm looking to get a good setup so I don't have to do too much research, because for...
  2. khari

    Anyone in SC able to help?

    I'm going to be in Columbia, SC for a short time on 3/14. There's something I'd like to buy but the vendor won't ship to GA. Anyone in Columbia (or somewhere in SC between Augusta and Columbia) available to receive a package for me? Shoot me a PM.
  3. khari

    Buying ISOMs in Cuba

    A friend of mine went down to Havana recently (legally) and brought back a box of Vegas Robaina Unicos.  Looking at the box, there doesn't appear to be a box code on the bottom.  I haven't seen any ISOM boxes other than my own in a few years, so I don't know if they've changed how they do...
  4. khari


    Today is my birthday.  Being 43, I don't really look forward to this day anymore.  This birthday is a little different for me though.    Randy (Sigar_zealot) and I corresponded a lot over the past 4 or so years, mainly about Scotch whisky.  We'd hook each other up with deals when we found them...
  5. khari

    Anybody give me a hand?

    I'd really like to try Pliny the Elder. Anyone willing to send me a six pack? Glad to pay whatever it costs.
  6. khari

    ARs, AKs, etc.

    I recently got into assault rifles and have completely jumped into the deep end. I recently picked up a Saiga 12 and .410 and a FN PS90, and I'm waiting on a Barrett Rec 7. I was just looking at and noticed Swissy was a member there and got his shotgun configured in a similar...
  7. khari

    Big thanks!

    I came home recently and found a fairly HTF bottle of single malt whisky stuffed into my mailbox. I'd like to know who specifically to thank for this but I don't think I'm going to get that information, so the broadcast post will have to do. Thank you very much! It was definitely on the wish...
  8. khari


    Walking through the Total Wine today, I noticed a bottle that I didn't recall seeing before: 9th So I couldn't pass it up. I didn't have any from Port Ellen so this is a nice addition to the bar.
  9. khari


    I'm headed down to Miami next week where I'll be staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel on the beach. Any good places to smoke?
  10. khari


    I'm looking to purchase something from a place in Florida but they won't ship to GA. Any BOTLs in Florida willing to help me out by having it shipped to their house and redirecting it for me? Shoot me a PM if you can help.
  11. khari

    Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish

    I was looking for something I hadn't tried recently, so I grabbed the Glenmorangie Port Wood. I gotta tell you, this stuff is exquisite. I'm glad I have another bottle because I do believe I'm gonna have another glass or three!
  12. khari


    I'd really like to get a bottle or two of this. Glad to compensate with cigars or cash, your choice. PM if you can assist!
  13. khari

    Malt Advocate

    I find myself reading and enjoying "What Does John Know" more often these days, and began to wonder if the magazine was any good. Anyone out there with a subscription who wants to share their opinion?
  14. khari


    I'm going to be in Charleston, SC this week for a training class. Any good cigar shops/places to smoke?
  15. khari

    Top three!

    What's your top three single malts? Blends? Bourbons? Ryes? Here's mine Single malts 1) Laphroaig 30 2) Balvenie PortWood 3) Oban 18 Blends 1) Johnnie Blue 2) Johnnie Gold 3) Haig Pinch Bourbon 1) Eagle Rare 17 2) George T. Stagg 3) Makers Mark 46 Rye 1) Sazerac 18 2) William LaRue Weller...
  16. khari

    Prohibition in Atlanta?

    There's a fairly new cigar lounge in Atlanta called Prohibition. Nice place and great drinks. Anyone wanna meet there for a smoke? We can work out a day and time.
  17. khari

    Dewars 18

    I was out at a steakhouse tonight and noticed they had Dewars 18, so I thought I'd give it a try. I thought it was more of the same, just smoother. Anybody else try it?
  18. khari


    I'll be in the Dallas, TX area the week of 4/26. Anyone wanna link up for a smoke?
  19. khari


    13.6 seconds left. This has been a fantastic game.
  20. khari


    Just got back from an Avo cigar dinner at Cabernet. Great time, great food, great cigars. Included in the price was one Avo LE10, one Avo LE08 Tesoro, and one Avo LE04 Legacy. I really enjoyed the LE10 so I picked up a box and got a free ashtray. Avo was there also playing the piano, taking...