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  1. SamClemmons

    CPFFL Year 12 - managers wanted

    Well boys it has been a good 11 years but it's looking like we are losing some managers. This is the Fantasy Football league started by The Beast back in 2002. It's a 10 team league and Kenny (allofus123) is the commish. Cuban cigar payout or cash we'll have to vote on it. Entry fee ranges from...
  2. SamClemmons

    Have you got a beef with the old guard here

    It seems there is a lot of errrrmm.... angst amongst the brethren in regard to the actions of certain members here. Instead of spreading your discontent onto other threads just do it here. You're first up verhoevc. You may begin.... NA
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    safe for work NA
  4. SamClemmons

    Cures for the common cold

    Friday my eyes were kinda watery/itchy, breath felt a little hot and in the evening I started sneezing. Great, I got a fuggin' cold. Scored some Zicam on the way home and started using it. Saturday I wake up with an industrial strength cold. Eyes are blitzed, head pounding, sneezing, coughing...
  5. SamClemmons


    I'm thinking we've been infiltrated by some kind of hybrid newblers. You know, the mutant ninja kind. Ninja's are sweet! Had a box delivered today with a pretty incredible selection of cigars. Seriously, when I was a newb... well, I was never actually a newb. There was a very brief period of...
  6. SamClemmons

    WV Hillbilly drive by

    My shop is in a little complex on route 55 (the truckers shortened it to the "double nickel"... okay, so truckers ain't known for being real smart). I wasn't here on Saturday but the guy at a neighboring business was. He said it was kinda foggy on Saturday morning and he was in his shop when he...
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    Stalker! I don't know how many times I have to say this but here it is one more time before I get a restraining order. Brian, I was happilly married till you started this nonsense... well sorta, I love my wife but she doesn't like me very much. She bought me a Sony PRS-505 in an effort to curb...
  8. SamClemmons


    I just wanna say that nobody likes you. You know that right? We only tolerate you cause you own the football. Sending me stuff (real nice stuff) ain't gonna help your cause. I just want you to know that. I mean, you're always gonna be Ted and there just isn't any way around that. I'm sure it's a...
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    I'm not sure if I want to comish another league but I'd like to participate in one. If there are 10 guys showing interest I'm pretty sure we can get it done. I think Kenny (allofus123) would be in. Anyway, figure a $50.00 buyin. We'll need a banker and a commish. I've got a set of league rules...
  10. SamClemmons

    CPFFL08 Fantasy Football

    Folks are getting all anxious about FF this year with thoughts on a second CP league. I thought we should get this one filled so a 2nd could be ironed out. Okay. The league is set up with last years rules. Anybody that wants to suggest changes in the rules do so. We are definitely going to beef...
  11. SamClemmons

    O.L.D.F.A.R.T. S.M.A.C.K.E.M.

    Okay, so the "runny nose" crew got me too. Sorry folks, no pics... I just think it's a bad idea. I'll say this though, these sure don't look like newbler smokes to me. I mean, this is a stellar selection of cigars. Top Shelf. Aaaaaand I'm pretty sure I know who did it aaaand I don't like him...
  12. SamClemmons


    Again Brian? Again? Your continuous attempts to gain attention and to keep yourself in the spotlight has become embarrasing to everyone involved. I know this is a gambit to divert everyone from seeing the real you. However, I am not easily diverted. You are... er... . I'm sorry, was I talking...
  13. SamClemmons


    Okay. The league is set up with last years rules. Anybody that wants to suggest changes in the rules... well... go ahead but don't get your hopes up. Teams from last year will get first refusal on joining this year. I'm considering going from 8 teams to 10 and would like to hear opinions on...
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    What the hell is wrong with you? Whyn't you go bother one of these insufferable newblers? Hmmm? They aren't the smartest bunch and they're flammable. Duly impressed Andrew. Thanks. NA
  15. SamClemmons

    Metal Detectors!

    My Tesoro uMax Silver...sunthin' or other looks to be seriously outclassed by the new legion of detectors out there. Anybody got any recommendations? NA
  16. SamClemmons

    I Have an Announcement to make

    Some damnable knob went and sent me a crapload of cigars anonymously along with a considerate note applauding me. So I spent some time today trying to find the culprit, with little luck, when I stumbled on this: SO, for the chimp that sent me all them cigars... you have me confused with Sister...
  17. SamClemmons

    Huckleberry, King and Reigning Champeen

    Click here Turn on yer speakers. Huckleberry, the team, the LEGEND Ahhhhh. I'm basking in my own wonderfullness. I bought new shades this year cause when you're me, the sun shines all the time. "Oh Lord it's hard to be humble..." I'd like to thank all the little people I stepped on and...
  18. SamClemmons


    You don't supposed to return fire when you do the NST gig. See, I get your side, you get my side, all done. Get it? I ain't gonna be here to hold yer hand and walk you through everything so try to act like you got some smart. Thanks for the bomb Jim! You loser. NA
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    What would be the motivation for someone to choose this name? “Infinity” to me, always meant, “endless” without check or balance. Now, having thought about this it occurs to me that by using the word “infinity” the user unwittingly defines the object. While the object has not been made finite...
  20. SamClemmons

    This was a real, honest to God, MAN

    This is a longish article but you owe it to yourself to read it. Read me NA