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  1. VictorVictor22

    Favorite Cigar Brand(s)?

    Hey guys, would love to hear what everyone's favorite cigar brand is. Doesn't have to be just one. Mine is a is a toss up between Aging Room and Padron as of right now.
  2. VictorVictor22

    Zippo? VS Butane

    Hey guys, I ran into a small misfortune last night.. Or so I thought. I went out to go have a cigar and was out of butane. So I figured two choices.. Bite the "bullet" and use the ol' zippo or go and pick up another can of butane. I chose to use the zippo and I was quite surprised, I noticed...
  3. VictorVictor22

    Always a different cigar

    What do you guys think about, always smoking a cigar you have never tried, each time you smoke? Someone who smokes one a day would end up trying 365 different cigars in a years time. Opinions always appreciated =)
  4. VictorVictor22

    Cutter & Lighter Setup

    Hey guys, would love to see what lighter and cutter everyone is using to enjoy their smokes Here's mine..