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  1. xyz123

    RIP Ray Liotta

    Wow. Just learned Ray Liotta died in his hotel room in the DR while filming a movie. Said he died peacefully in his sleep and no cause has been given yet. Ray was 67. RIP Ray. Always one of my favorite actors.
  2. xyz123

    Happy Birthday Gavin!!

    Happy Birthday @Gavin! Hope it's a great one!! 🎁🎉🎂🍾🥂🎸👍🥳
  3. xyz123

    Cigar Sales Explode - 2021 Best Year Ever?

    It's official, 2021 was the best year ever for cigar sales. Will be curious how this year turns out. Will inflation, war, gas, etc, be enough to slow this *tobacco explosion? <<<LINK!!!>>> *Band name? (best Brit voice: Hello Cleveland!! we're Tobacco Explosion.. I wanna see your bloody...
  4. xyz123

    New Study on Health Effects & Premium Cigars

    So it was released over the weekend for this weeks consumption and review. This is the write up Mottola did for CA. <<<<LINK>>>> Here's some of the highlights: The health risks of handmade cigar smoking are likely less than those smoking other types of cigars because most premium cigar...
  5. xyz123

    Just a reminder...

    Ok.. so, from this post over to here. We could all use some reminders from time to time. So, just off the top of my head.. Darin, EQ Steve, Hartman, JoeGibs, Brandon, and... more.. again, that was just quick off the head. I didn't wanna have to go door to door... or inbox to inbox rather...
  6. xyz123

    Colin Ferrell gains my respect

    I know... with my respect he can finally sleep well at night right? But seriously, just read the following and found myself nodding along and my respect for the *Mick has gone up significantly. Hollywood denies Ferrell. *It's a term of endearment! ☘
  7. xyz123

    MVP Winner

    Anyone hear anything yet? 🤔😗
  8. xyz123

    Wait.. hold on! Rewind it.. wait.. ok, now pause!

    Ok.. who else? Who else here rewinds movies and/or shows when you see someone smoking a cigar? Where you'll actually rewind, pause, advance or reverse a few frames if needed to see it just right? And then even watch for ash length consistency in the rest of the scene? My kinda-wife person says...
  9. xyz123

    Changing User Name?

    I want to avoid confusion with @CgarDan and in my profile it says I could change it today (Jan 27). I can't find any way to change it in my profile. Ideas por favor?