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  1. Maduro Clint

    Happy birthday Brickhouse

    HB brother...from the same mother.
  2. Maduro Clint

    Happy Birthday Scap

    Looks like you had some great cigars today...Happy birthday brother.
  3. Maduro Clint

    Happy Birthday Johnny B

    Have a good one brother.
  4. Maduro Clint

    Precision strikes being launched from Spotsylvania

    Kaboom!!! It looks like Tomahawk missiles are being launched somewhere outside our capitol in Spotsylvania, VA. Wife called me to report the incident and it appears to be a gentleman we all know and love...Mr. John Fields. John, this was totally unexpected and such a surprise. The sticks are...
  5. Maduro Clint

    Mardi Gras naked pics..

    Get your attention? Sorry no nudie pics here but I did just get back from New Orleans to a wonderful surprise from Josh. It was just as good if not better than a bourbon street flash from a hottie. Yep, some fantastic cigars...made my day. Thanks so much for the treats and I look forward to...
  6. Maduro Clint

    Did I just get stink bombed???

    I come home and see a little package from Golfgar. I open it and the first 2 things I pull out are "Grape White Owl" cigars and condom wrapper size Scotch shots...damn, Larry dropped a stink bomb on me :p Reached a little deeper and soon realized the Owls had some cc hitchhikers :) I...
  7. Maduro Clint

    Nightdiver stealth bombs jersey shore

    Wow!!! It appears that there are no limits to Bill's generosity. I'm not sure if his night diving excursions have included the Atlantic Ocean but his treasures have landed on my doorstep. I came home from a LONG day to an amazing package. Bill, I can't thank you enough brother...what a way...
  8. Maduro Clint

    Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro Perfecto

    PRE-SMOKE - Boss gave me this stick 2 years ago and I just took it out of my Aristocrat at 65 humidity - Cigar is in perfect shape with nice dark and brown wrapper - Smells fantastic and pairing it with a cup of Tanzania Peaberry - Lit with Xikar evenly around foot with little direct flame...
  9. Maduro Clint

    The World of The Habano

    Just got this coffee table book last week and it was excellent. It talks about the history of the habano, regions where grown, types of leaves used, storage, brands, labeling, etc. I'm sure those who have been on CP for a while have the book already but I would highly recommend if you don't...
  10. Maduro Clint

    Do you inventory your cigars?

    I'm starting to accumulate a good amount of cigars in my new Aristocrat humidor (thanks Bob) and have been researching for an app to record my current inventory.  Instead of breaking out the Excel spreadsheet every time I purchase and/or smoke, I wanted to check if anyone knows of a process...
  11. Maduro Clint


    I had an excellent Arturo Fuente Anejo #50 last night...very enjoyable smoke. Brick sent to me a while ago...definitely worth the hype.