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    Visiting Seattle tomorrow

    I agree that Smokey Joe's is the best. But it depends, what part of Seattle you will be in?
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    I dusted off the Pentax this weekend

    Those are some great pics. I wish I had time to go out and take some.
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    What do you do?

    I am a mother and wife first. Then I am the Office manager for my husbands business.
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    HEY Anvil!

    So, which one is you?
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    Need Help with a Decision

    Is she a social person? If so I would go for the party. If she is not I would go with the weekend getaway with some kind of jewlery.
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    Think good thoughts for Double D.

    Prayers and Positive thoughts are sent.
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    I have sad news.

    Prayers and Hugs go out to his family. Like many on this cigar board, I only new what I read. But I have learned that can say a lot about a person. I think the loss of the person is great, but the legacy that he left is greater. May your RIP Brian.
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    Happy B-Day Dale (Double D)

    Happy Birthday Dale. I hope you are having a good time. :)
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    It's Official

    IT is just as bad for mothers as fathers. I talked my daughter into waiting until she finished school. Now that she is 19 the fun is begining. It is still scary to see her go out with a guy that I don't know. I hope I have taught her well.
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    Presidential Puppy

    English Springer Spaniel
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    Prayers for anvil

    Any thing new? Still sending prayers.
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    Prayers for anvil

    Prayers are sent for you Mate. Do we know anything more yet?
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    I need some thoughts and prayers

    Count your blessing. Prayers sent.
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    Happy B-Day Dave (SouthsideCigar)

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one.
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    Happy Birthday Anvil...have a good day Mate!

    Happy Birthday Sir. May you have may more. Glad it was a good one.
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    My 9/11/01...

    Today is a day to remeber that life can be short. Hug the ones you love. I don't forget. I knew someone in one of the building that did get out.
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    The girl in the window

    Believe it or not this story made me smile, because of the way it ended. I also believe that the mother was mentally challanged.
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    Prayers and Deep Thoughts Needed

    Prayers on sent. From one millitary wife to another.
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    POLL: Military Service

    USNR corpsman 85-92 I followed my husband so I was all over the USA.
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    Guess when...

    March 22 at 1:20 am. :)