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  1. engspot

    NCAA Brackets 2018

    I’d like to join once you set it up!
  2. engspot

    Ohio Herf Part Duex

    For me, it will depend on the date and how far away the location is.
  3. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2017

    Working on filling these out now. Good luck everyone and GO KENT!!
  4. engspot

    Calling Ohio Members

    Still in. See you guys Saturday.
  5. engspot

    Calling Ohio Members

    Count me in. I'd recommend Havana House! It's pretty large and everyone has been friendly every time I've been there. BYOB
  6. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2016

    At least there's still the sweet 16 picks at work
  7. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2016

    I haven't had time to fill anything out...until now! I'm in
  8. engspot

    Palio Cutter Group Buy

    I'm interested if this is still open.
  9. engspot

    Golf 2015

    I got Callaway XRs with XP95 shafts. I got fitted and this combo felt best to me. Big upgrade from my G5's. The new Pings look pretty good too if you can wait until 7/31. I can't hit a blade so I can't really speak to players irons.
  10. engspot

    Golf 2015

    I just got a new set of irons and when I hit them well I feel invincible.     Unfortunately I think the longer ones are swinging me, so there are still some adjustments that need to be made.  Hopefully the courses dry out a bit so I can get out and play again.  June and July have rained almost...
  11. engspot

    Which box would you pick?

    Sir Winston was the only thing that popped into my head with that budget and the factor that they age really well.   BBS said it perfectly in his first post.
  12. engspot

    Converting my walk-in into a wine cellar.

    Thanks for sharing Kris, looks like it turned out really well!  The best part is that there's plenty of room to play wine tetris someday  :whistling:
  13. engspot

    5 Sticks always in the Humidor

    I always seem to have various vitolas of these brands in the humidor at arms reach:   Opus X Illusione Tatuaje Padron 26   There are more odds and ends in various baggies and drawers that I pick through depending on who I'm with or where I'll be smoking.
  14. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2015

       Got them today Wyatt.  Thank you so much.  Looking forward to trying the PL so it was well worth the wait  :)
  15. engspot

    Today's Smoke 2015

    I smoked an Illusione 88 that I found in the back of the humidor.  It must have sat for back there the perfect amount of time because it was perfect.
  16. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2015

    Eric, I got your package today. Thanks!
  17. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2015

    Arrived today. Thank you! They will surely be enjoyed.
  18. engspot

    CP Newbie Review of the Cohiba Lancero '08

    Nice review!
  19. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2015

    Thanks guys.  I was hedging my bets on the final but didn't expect both brackets to hit.  Thanks again to FoMoCo for setting this up   Addy is in my profile.  I'll list it here again:   Alan Eng 321 Trudy Ave Munroe Falls, OH 44262
  20. engspot

    NCAA March Madness 2015

    Haha Wisconsin came to play! What a great game.