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  1. Yesi

    Nat Sherman on CNBC's "How I Made My Millions"

    Just watched a feature last night about Nat Sherman on CNBC's "How I Made My Millions" and posted it here cause I thought you guys mind find it interesting. The Sherman family discusses the history of their business, including how they built a cigar empire in the heart of the Great Depression...
  2. Yesi

    Prayers needed for my mom

    Please pray for my mom....I just found out that she has advanced pancreatic cancer. I'm completely devastated...I don't know what me or my little boy would do without her.
  3. Yesi

    One Year on CigarPass

    Unfortunately, I don't get a chance to post or participate in CP acitivies as much as I would like to, due to a lot of crazy events going on in the past year. That's doesnt mean CP isn't important to me, because it is. I've explored a fair share of cigar forums since I started smoking four...
  4. Yesi

    Score Free/Cheap STP Fuel Products

    I know nothing about auto products, but I know plenty about deals! Thought I might share this with anyone who's interested. STP fuel additives are currently priced at Walmart from $1.87-$2.50 (may vary depending on region). STP has a $2.00 printable coupon (link below) you can take to your...
  5. Yesi

    Carson City/Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe

    I just moved to Carson City. Are there any CP members nearby who would like to meet up for a smoke sometime? Also, does anyone have recommendations for cigar lounges in the area? I visited Fumare in Reno last week (very nice!), but other than that I haven't had a chance to explore the...
  6. Yesi

    Its All About the Bacon(e)

    Here's a good one for all you bacon fiends out there! (Are you reading this, Anthony? ) The idea for this little treat has been making it's rounds on the internet for about a year now. I actually just discovered it today after watching a clip from the Food Network's What Would Brian Boitano...
  7. Yesi

    The Russian Rickroll

    If you havent seen this video yet, you should: The man in the video is Edward Hill, a popular Russian singer back in the 70's. People are calling this the Russian Rickroll! I dare you to watch this without cracking a smile.