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  1. JackImpact

    Louisville locations?

    Any recommendations on a good shop here in Louisville or somewhere local around the Louisville area?
  2. JackImpact

    My yearly check in!

    Hey guys! Long time no see! I was feeling super nostalgic as someone described their horrible start to cigar life smoking cigar shaped poop from Thompson Cigars, just like me. Anyway, quick thank you to all the people here who helped me get into cigars properly and stop smoking poop. Hope...
  3. JackImpact

    Todays Smoke!

    Somehow managed to make a double post! So this one is now a post on what I am smoking!   First off, the more important part of the coffee. Obviously today it is in my Superman mug but the contents is a coffee called Morning Daybreak from Caribou. Good stuff!    Im having trouble picking a smoke...
  4. JackImpact

    Your old friend Jack!

    Hey guys! I am the absolute worst about coming on here and catching up! Just wanted to pop in and say hey. Got a fresh cup of coffee, about to have a cigar and start my shift from 2pm to 1amEST.   Last nigh I ended up working until 4am! What can ya do ey?   Anyway, wanted to let you guys know...
  5. JackImpact

    Old Friends

    I was just talking with my girlfriend last night about how I got started with cigars online and was telling her about how great you guys are...   So then I felt bad for not being on here ever! =[   So Im going to try and be active again! Today I dont know what Im smoking but It will be for you guys!
  6. JackImpact

    BnB Groupon $49 gets you $100   Thought I would post this good deal for any groupon people out there! I already got my cigars but didnt want anyone to miss out!   "Hand-rolled cigars make for a more authentic experience, just as hand-rolled snowballs make for a more authentic snow...
  7. JackImpact

    Another donation to a BOTL

    Got this watch a long time ago. Im not a fan of green and dont like this face style. Watch just needs a new battery. Still has the wrapping, tags and original links all on it. Comes in the box with the little manual and such. Just thought someone else could use it since its not doing me any...
  8. JackImpact

    If you play League of Legends....

    Please add me! My days off are spent outside by the pool smoking cigars, drinking beer and playing League! MCGanksta is my username! Hit me up!
  9. JackImpact

    Want to do something nice for a botl...

    I currently have a Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS and Sony Cybershot DSC-W50 digital camera that I no longer have use for. They both work fine, come with all their regular accessories. Id like to send these out to any members here who would have use for them. Maybe someone has a kid who just started...
  10. JackImpact

    League of Legends!

    Who will join me on the battlefield?
  11. JackImpact

    Puerto Vallarta

    Leaving Saturday for a week in Puerto Vallarta. Anyone been there? Any good shops? Places to smoke? Wi-fi? Places to avoid? Cheep jetski rentals? Thanks!
  12. JackImpact

    A question for a lawyer...

    I want to move to Colorado to live with my current girlfriend and continue my education. The only way to qualify for in-state tuition is if... A. We are under 23 and married B. One of my parents or legal guardians has been living there for atleast a year C. I've been living there for a year...
  13. JackImpact

    Thanks Swissy!

    Thanks for the smokes :D They are good :p Gonna have one today! Hope all is well in Alaska!
  14. JackImpact

    Gonna buy my first box

    What should I get guys?!
  15. JackImpact

    Range Trip

    Got invited to go to the range by some Florida Gun Forum friends of mine. Picked up their guns for the first time and embarrassed them :D They said I did well, I think I could always do better. The guns were an M16 67' era and a WASR AK-47 with Tapco Trigger and stock. Shot AR variants before...
  16. JackImpact

    Dear Master Blaster...

    I just want to say thank you for the gift and the encouraging words. Also I may forever go by the name "Noob Warlord". On a sad note, the glass you sent arrived broken. I believe having the little bottle inside may have smashed it while being transported. My father and I both felt terrible when...
  17. JackImpact

    Looking for a place to stay =[

    My home was destroyed this morning by jfields. I need a place to stay, will anyone take me in? After reading the note I discovered inside, I see I was hit by the "Bomb Brother's". Damn them >.>
  18. JackImpact

    Uncle Jack needs you!

    To join the army! Fight against the FOG horde! Defend your freedom as a newb! JOIN TODAY!
  19. JackImpact

    Music system by the pool?

    My Mom is interested in having some sort of stereo or other device to play music by the pool. We have an old radio system that has built in speakers in the house, but its got a cassette player and is very out dated. She is interested in something that can either play Mp3 cds or that her ipod can...
  20. JackImpact


    If any of you guys out there have a facebook, I would like to add you! Good to be friends with a lot of people right? I find facebook is a great way to network and make new friends. Ive met many people off online games, to facebook, to real life. Cigarpass is no different! Except of course you...