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  1. denverdog

    One special beer, what would it be?

    Well gents, this weekend I say so long to my 20's and hello to my 30's. About a week ago I started rooting through the cellar trying to decide what "coveted" beer I would drink to celebrate. So, here's the question... If you could drink any beer to celebrate one of life's great events, what...
  2. denverdog

    Firestone Walker 13 Release News:

    Get ready boys, this should be another excellent blend from FW. I also heard that they might, MIGHT, have bottled offerings of Parabola and Abacus at the release party.
  3. denverdog

    Celebratory Tasting - FW Vertical

    Had a great beer drinking weekend, the highlight of which was a Firestone Walker Anniversary vertical 10, 11 and 12 that we enjoyed to celebrate my brothers first child. I have had the 11 and 12 several times but this was my first time trying 10 which has been saved for the past couple of years...
  4. denverdog

    Boise bound - 8/5 & 8/6

    Should be free both evenings if any of you Boise boys want to get together. :cool:
  5. denverdog

    Nothing like a relaxing Sunday afternoon BBQ!

    Ribs in the smoker - check. Cold beer - check. Friends and family enjoying themselves - check. Multiple tornadoes and golf ball sized hail - check. Thankfully everyone was ok. We only had minor damage, a few broken windows and the wifeys flowers were demolished. The ribs came out great and...
  6. denverdog

    Nuggets/Lakers - Premium 5er

    I am a Nuggets season ticket holder and I haven't put a premium 5er on the line in a while so I thought this would be an exciting time to do so. Series is tied 2-2 and yes, you have home-court but I like our bench and think you are getting tired, Kobe or no Kobe. Straight up, series winner...
  7. denverdog

    Dalwhinnie 29 yo Cask Strength - Group buy opportunity.

    I have the chance to purchase several more bottles of this and wanted to see if anyone else is interested in a bottle. The price will be around $165 shipped. Here is Ray's review in case you missed it.. DALWHINNIE 29 REVIEW Shoot me a PM. :thumbs: EDIT: Check is fine if I know you or we have...
  8. denverdog

    Rough beer day...

    I cut my lip as I drank the remaining nectar from the broken glass. Join me in mourning and pour out an ounce or two of your favorite ale for your homies and hold your loved ones a little closer tonight.
  9. denverdog

    "Tomme Responds" - For those following the Angel's Share

    Tomme Arthur posted this over on BA last night..
  10. denverdog

    I just did something crazy...

    Passed on a 16 gallon keg of La Folie! :0 Lambast me, I deserve it... :(
  11. denverdog

    Well boys, the Cutler drama continues..

    Based on some local reports he is going to ask to be traded due to discussion break downs yesterday after a conference call with our new coach, Josh McDaniels. I don't know what to think. Yes, Cutler is a baby but he is damn good and could be an excellent franchise quarterback. Anyway, who...
  12. denverdog

    bfisher88 your box is full...

    I won't even ask... Clean it up bro!!!
  13. denverdog

    Russian River - Consecration

    We had this back at GABF and loved it so luckily I was able to track some down. I decided to crack a bottle of this as a Valentines gift to myself, I offered some to the wifey but she isn't a big fan of sours so she politely declined. That's ok, more for me! Beer: Consecration Type: Wild Ale...
  14. denverdog

    Super Bowl Beerzzz.. What's it going to be!?

    I am getting ready to run down to the cellar and start the transfer of the game day brews to the fridge. I am thinking a Hercules IPA for hops, maybe a an Old Guardian for a Barleywine, and not sure what else yet... What about the rest of you??
  15. denverdog

    San Diego, which of course in German means a whale's vagina.

    I will be there April 3rd - 5th and free pretty much every day after 4pm. I would of course love to hit the Alesmith and Stone breweries and smoke some cigars with you socal boys. Hopefully this gives you plenty of time to put in a request for a hall pass! :sign:
  16. denverdog

    Dark Lord Day 2009

    Well its almost that time. They haven't officially released the information yet but I am guessing it will be April 25th. April is a beeotch of a month for me travel wise but I am hoping to be able to make it out with a buddy or two from Colorado. We will most likely come out on Thursday, do the...
  17. denverdog

    Best of 2008 and plans for NYE 2009:

    I had a long, in depth and probably boring write up on the best beers of 2008, but lucky for you my laptop died and I lost it. Let’s just make this short and sweet. What are your top 5 beers for 2008? Gouden Carolus Carolus D'Or - Cuvée Van De Keizer: This makes my list every year, I try to...
  18. denverdog

    Broncos fire Shanahan!

    Heres the story - LINK. Very surprising as most people around here thought he had a lifetime pass after his two superbowl years. Wonder if Cowher already has a flight to Denver.. :whistling:
  19. denverdog

    The truth about The Outlaw..

    It has been said by many, but I have to take say it again. I was in KC today and stopped by the Outlaw for a few cigars and had a great time sharing stories and smokes with some new friends. My hat is off to the crew - Brad, Tony, Scott and Brent, thanks for a very entertaining evening, you guys...
  20. denverdog

    Calling the KC crew!

    Just found out I will be headed to KC next Wednesday (12/10) so I am of course planning to hit Outlaw while I am there. Just wanted to see if any of you local KC brothers would like to get together for some cigars and drinks. :thumbs: