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  1. Brickhouse

    Big day. Finally pinned it on.

    Joined this site when I was a young Captain. Pinned on Lieutenant Colonel today.
  2. Brickhouse

    Cigar Quote: Who said it? How's it go?

    So a friend of mine has a CNC machine and wants to make me a cigar quote sign for my bar area. He did one for himself that turned out nicely, see pic. He asked what I'd like on it and I immediately thought of a quote I've seen somewhere...maybe here. But for the life of me I can't find it or...
  3. Brickhouse

    Homemade in full swing

    Been making a lot of progress in my home wine making project over the past year and more. Things are turning out great and I’m upgrading in a lot of production tools and such. I’ve been dabbling in the home wine making for about 5 years now, but have really ramped things up. My wife and I...
  4. Brickhouse

    RIP Larry - Golfgar - You represented the best of us

    Ladies and Gents it saddens me to post this, but it appears we have lost one of our best. Kann was nice enough to post some information on FB earlier and I tried hard to disprove it, but with no success. I don't have the circumstances, but it appears Larry has passed. I am one of the lucky...
  5. Brickhouse

    Great trade with Freebern!

    My favorite guy to trade with for over a decade. I send him Mac n Cheese: Thanks Wyatt He one ups me and sends me Mac n Cheese with some upholstery nails. Nice play....also might’ve been some heavy hitch hikers in there.
  6. Brickhouse

    Mexico lineup

    Just tossin out a pic of what I brought on the Mexico vacation. Can’t wait to kill these.
  7. Brickhouse


    Got in on the Abraxas purchase this year. 4 bottles for $100. 2 bottles of 2018 Abraxas 1 bottle of 2018 Coffee Abraxas 1 bottle of 2018 Vanilla Abraxas
  8. Brickhouse

    John, many thanks bro. Wow.

    Many many thanks bro. I am truly humbled. Must've been these dang onions I was cutting making my eyes water up right? They will be smoked....every single one, just how they were meant.
  9. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: Flor del Valle Sky Flower

    I have been looking forward to this one, but it is a bittersweet review...not in taste, but in that this is currently the last of the Warped Experiment I will do until I can get my hands on some others. But of the gracious gift I was given in order to conduct this experiment, alas, this is the...
  10. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: Flor del Valle Cristales

    My apologies on the large gap between reviews on my compilation of Warped cigars. Once winter set in last year I never got back to it. However, as initially intended, I will finish this series and do my reviews appropriately. So I'm back on the train, and here is number 5 in the series. This...
  11. Brickhouse

    I've got a Hugh Jorgan

    So I'm in the pool on Saturday and my girlfriends daughter comes out back and says, you got a package in the mail....she's 8. I asked who it was from and she just says, St. Louis MO. I said, sounds like Larry to me, there's no telling what it is. My girlfriend looks at it and says "nope...
  12. Brickhouse

    Hit hard by Tone the Bone!

    As has been said around here before, you can hardly make a comment about a cigar you're wanting to try without repercussion. Thanks for the amazing package @tone-ny ! Apparently I won!
  13. Brickhouse

    Atlanta vs Seattle: 5'r

    I take Atlanta, you take Seattle. Premium 5'r, any takers? I know it's almost game time, but thought I'd try.
  14. Brickhouse

    Beef Jerky Tips: Taking all information

    Going to dabble into some beef jerky making at home. I've got a Nesco Snackmaster Pro enroute to the house. Any good tips out there? Best cuts of meat to use? How thin to slice? How about some secret marinades? I'm taking all tips and suggestions......@Hillbilly Steaks ;)
  15. Brickhouse

    Did he win?

    You in my neck of the woods @tone-ny ?
  16. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: Don Reynaldo Regalos

    Thanks again to @Devin Cole for his contributions to this review series. Warped Don Reynaldo Regalos: Vitola: Corona Wrapper: Dominican Corojo Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Gauge: 46 Length: 5″ Pairing: No drink at all, just my trusty dog Bindi Boo. Prelight: As is...
  17. Brickhouse

    Big 4th of July plans?

    What's everyone up to for the fourth? Anything big? I bet there's going to be some good posts in the food section over the next few days. I'm loading up the girlfriend and our three collective kids and flying to the East Coast to visit @Maduro Clint and our other brother Brice (@The...
  18. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: La Hacienda Superiores

    Welcome to the third installment of "The Warped Experiment"...La Hacienda Superiores. Thanks again to @Devin Cole for his contributions to this review series. Warped La Hacienda Superiores: Vitola: Superiores Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo Filler: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Gauge: 46 Length: 5...
  19. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: La Colmena Unico Especial

    The second installment of "The Warped Experiment" is La Colmena Unico Especial. Once again, many thanks to @Devin Cole for the sampling and recommendations on when/where to smoke. Devin recommended having this one inside as well, but I have been moving for the past week or so and haven't had...
  20. Brickhouse

    The Warped Experiment: Lirio Rojo

    This will be the first of six separate reviews I will conduct on Warped cigars over the next few months. My plan is to post a review of each Warped cigar I have, then create one thread at the end which will compile all of their links into one thread and title it The Warped Experiment. I have...