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  1. investandprosper


    Recently picked up a handful of patent Dunhills to restore. Finished this 1948 shape 53, and it smokes like heaven. Just love these craggy old beasts. Post up your Dunnies in this thread and let's share the love!
  2. investandprosper

    Visiting Scotland in August!

    Taking the Mrs. on an anniversary trip to Scotland this August, it'll be our first time there. Driving all over. Has anyone ever been, and are there any cigar shops that are a must-visit? We'll be flying into/out of Edinburgh. Hoping there might be a good duty free ;)
  3. investandprosper

    Cohiba prices

    Man, Cohiba prices have shot through the roof in recent years. I don't see how someone would pay over double for a Siglo II vs. a Boli PC. Can anyone vouch for recent Cohiba boxes? Are they worth it?
  4. investandprosper

    6 years, just like that.

    CP was the first cigar board I ever joined, back when I was soaking up knowledge like a noob sponge. I got a WOAM in the newbie sampler thread from @theorangeman and thanked him for the "Gran Reserva" cause that's what it said on the label I owe my passion for cigars to the lot of you. The...
  5. investandprosper

    What's in your pipe today? 2016

    Seeing as the last thread says 2013, we need a current one! Smoking some Esoterica Dunbar in a birth year ('82) Dunhill Root Briar slightly bent pot. My favorite VA/Per blend, it has a meaty quality that I don't find in other blends.
  6. investandprosper

    Balkan Sobranie Alert had Balkan Sobranie in stock, limit 1 tin, if anyone has been looking.
  7. investandprosper

    The elusive Stonehaven

    I've looked everywhere online and called a few shops who don't sell online, no luck.  Has anyone seen Stonehaven anywhere?
  8. investandprosper

    Found an old Peterson on the Bay

    Picked up a vintage Peterson on eBay. She looked pretty rough to start, but after a little cleaning she turned out pretty well! It's a 106 billiard, with "Peterson (over) Dublin and London" on one side, which dates it between 1949 and 1959 when they had an office in London. Made in Dublin...
  9. investandprosper

    Anyone interested in a trade?

    The Peterson Calabash I bought a week ago is a great smoker (about a dozen bowls through it), but the size is a little small for my liking. Anyone interested in doing a trade?<br /><br />I posted a photo in the other thread, it has some nice Birdseye and really is a pretty little pipe. I have...
  10. investandprosper

    Dunhill arrived! My first

    I worked out a deal with a fine chap in Canada for my very first Dunhill, a 1956 Shell Briar 252 fishtail.  It's a beauty, I can't wait to fire it up after work today.  Here are a few pics:     And a few beautiful tins  =)  
  11. investandprosper

    Long time cigar smoker getting into pipes

    Hey gents,   I've smoked cigars for the past 5 years or so, and want to give pipes a try.  I'm not sure what type of pipe to start with or what type of tobacco to try.  I would rather get a decent pipe rather than a throw-away, and my cigar tastes gravitate toward Bolivar, H. Upmann, Cohiba, and...
  12. investandprosper

    Long & skinnies

    I'm just over 4 years into this hobby, and I have started gravitating towards 42 rg smokes and below. Cohiba Lanceros and PL Montecarlos are hitting the spot.<br /><br />When I was just starting out, it seemed a lot of the older guys preferred the long & skinnies. Is it just something that...
  13. investandprosper

    Anyone in Indy?

    I'm in Indiana for the next month and would love to meet up for a cigar at a local B&M if anyone is inclined. I'm in Kokomo, but there are some good shops in Indy and Lafayette. Cheers! John
  14. investandprosper

    2 Year Anni CONTEST!

    Hey gents, Wanted to make a separate contest thread for this. 2 years at CP has taught me a lot, and it's time to give some back ;) RULES: Open to all CP members of 30 days or more. No Asshats, Scumbags, blah blah. ZEE GAME: Answer the following questions. One guess per day. Contest...
  15. investandprosper

    Two years today

    Well, it's been two years since I joined this great community. I've learned a great deal and made some good friends. Thanks for the good times! Going to go celebrate with a cup of coffee and a Boli PC this morning. Cheers ;)
  16. investandprosper

    Lauderdale & San Marco

    Does anyone have the Lauderdale or San Marco humidors? Any thoughts on them? Here are some links:
  17. investandprosper

    Locked out of my house

    Came home from a round of golf today, and my wife decided to take the kids swimming at her grandma's. She also forgot to leave a door unlocked for me :o Good thing I have a couple of cigars left in the caddy, it at least gives me something to pass the time! Now if only I had an outside fridge...
  18. investandprosper

    Vegas baby

    I'll be in Vegas from the 3rd to the 10th. If anyone's around and wants to meet up for a cigar and a drink at Casa Fuente, I'm sure I could convince my wife to go shopping for a few hours :D
  19. investandprosper

    What a difference in enjoyment

    Today, I did what I normally do after lunch every Sunday. Sat at my desk, powered up my iMac and lit a cigar. I set to work on my latest project, but I really wasn't enjoying the smoking experience. It's a beautiful day out, so I ditched the desk, grabbed a beach chair and found some shade in...
  20. investandprosper

    Haven't been getting notification emails

    I haven't been receiving notification emails when I receive a PM, or when a topic is created in a forum I have subscribed to. Anyone else having this problem?