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  1. Seanholio

    Movin' time

    Looks like it's moving time: On February 21, my girlfriend comes home and knocks on the door into the house from the garage, asking if I can come out and help her with something. I come out into the garage, and there's a dog squirming in there, wagging his tail so hard that it's bleeding. After...
  2. Seanholio

    Seanholio visiting Beantown

    BOTL's of Boston and nearby, My girlfriend and I are flying out to Boston for my nephew's christening on Nov 5, and will be flying back to California on the evening of Nov 9. My schedule is currently open except for Sunday, since I will be at the ceremony and party afterward. I'd love to get...
  3. Seanholio

    Two Year Anniversary

    OK, so it's been two years, and I nearly missed it today. I have three questions to be answered for an anniversary bomb out to the first BOTL or SOTL to answer them correctly: 1. What did my youngest son do to get in big trouble today? 2. What did I eat for dinner. 3. How much will #1 cost...
  4. Seanholio

    IBQTEE1's Great Big Ash

    IBQTEE1 was kind enough to shuttle me around Chicago this weekend. We were supposed to meet Sack at 8 to 8 Cigars, but he got tired and left early. Maybe I'll get a chance to see him later. Kristin lit up a Sancho Panza, and was enjoying it. I commented that she was going to lose the ash soon...
  5. Seanholio

    1000th post contest

    All, my 1000th post anniversary is rapidly approaching, so it seems appropriate to hold a contest. Since I'm holding a contest both here and in the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car pass, members of that pass are excluded from this contest. Whoever guesses the closest time and date of my 1000th...
  6. Seanholio

    Visiting Las Vegas

    Hey guys, I'll be in Las Vegas at the Flamingo. Anyone got time to hang out at Casa Fuente? Sean
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  8. Seanholio

    Blind Review - IronPeddler's sixth stick

    All, First off, beware of Gary. He sent some hitchhikers along with the MAW-PIF sticks he promised. I did not expect the impromptu stick with the band missing. The attached note made no mention of it, but I have to assume that he was hoping I'd perform a blind review on the fatty he sent me...
  9. Seanholio

    Seanholio's one year anniversary

    So as of today, I've been on Cigarpass for a year and a day. I am now no longer a serf. No, wait, that's not right. So a year ago, this Macanudo-smoking newb stumbled on Cigarpass, and the cantankerous, generous, and generally-knowledgeable brothers here have really helped me develop my palate...
  10. Seanholio

    NY / NJ Area BOTL's: Seanholio's coming

    Hey guys, The company is shipping me out there for a Disaster Recovery Exercise, and I might be able to land a day or two early to enjoy some sights and meet up with friends to HERF. I know I'm announcing this way in advance, but I'd like to see who is interested and when, so I can possibly...
  11. Seanholio

    Cigar Girl

  12. Seanholio

    Seanholio returns to Los Angeles Aug 28 - 31

    Yep, I'm coming back to LA. I'd like to get together with a bunch of BOTL's and smoke a few. Right now, Friday or Saturday night are all that is really open. Who wants to herf?
  13. Seanholio

    San Jose Herf tonight

    I'll be there, as will Beyond The Band. Show if you can.
  14. Seanholio

    LA Herf - Monrovia Doubletree July 17

    Howdy, Anyone in LA want to get together one night while I'm down there? I have a core router upgrade to support in our LA office Saturday morning, so I'm flying in on Thursday night and staying through Sunday evening. I'll be staying with my brother in Hermosa Beach, and I don't know if he...
  15. Seanholio

    Best week ever!

    It's been a special week. It started last Friday. I was called into a conference room and they asked for my badge. My tenure in Hell was being terminated. At first I was concerned, but then I was relieved. I collected my stuff from my desk, hopped in the truck, and drove home. Since I was a...
  16. Seanholio

    Mailbox destroyed

    Satchmo, Ya got me, buddy. Thanks for the bomb, I'll be paying it forward. Sean
  17. Seanholio

    Herfin' it up at Fumare

    Hey guys, I'm going to be in Reno for a couple of days, and I am available to herf on the 26th. Who is down with meeting at the Fumare? What time works for you?
  18. Seanholio

    False Alarm: My mailbox remains intact

    After several double-shifts working at both my regular job and a side gig 90 minutes away, I opened my mailbox to find a package stuffed in with the mail. Thinking I had already received all of the purchases I had coordinated with my BOTL's, I opened it with some trepidation, wondering if Santa...
  19. Seanholio

    MRSI strike leaves a smoking crater

    I now understand things better. Kingantz's delivery was merely a ranging shot to determine the correct elevation and direction. The REAL strike was a Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact that occurred today! My neighbors were laughing at me as I juggled four boxes of premium smokes from...