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  1. Greggj77

    Homemade Limoncello / Grapefruit Cello?

    Hello All, My Brother in Law recently came back from the Amalfi Coast and brought back some limoncello. I had never really thought much of it, as the stuff in the past was way too sweet/artificial for my liking. A few weekends back, I had a Homemade burger and a nice glass of Cab then figured...
  2. Greggj77

    Aberfeldy 1997 Sherry Butt Cask #5

    Anyone have any info / thoughts on this one?  The local pusher here is making a big hoopla out of its release.  I can't find much info in regards to the juice itself just a whole bunch of marketing hype.  Wondering if this as "special" as the local liquor store rep is stating or just marketing...
  3. Greggj77

    Ardbeg Alligator

    I was at the local yesterday (trying to hunt down some Van Winkle goodness, no luck). So I meandered over to the single malt section and saw a new release of Ardbeg Aligator and almost grabbed it. I am quite fond of the other Ardbeg selections but, still had reservations shelling out $95 on a...
  4. Greggj77

    George T. Stagg 2011

    Keep a lookout. as they are starting to pop their elusive heads up around New England. I was able to grab 2 bottles last night, it was all they had. I also reserved a few more and they should be arriving next week. Anyhow, I was able to pop to cork on this bad boy last night. Initial...
  5. Greggj77

    Laphroaig Cairdeas

    Good Day all, Hope you all had a nice Independence day weekend. I am a huge fan of Laphroaig and it looke like the Cairdeas will not be making any appearances in NH. I was wondering if anyone was planning on placing an order and would mind me piggy backing it. Shoppers Vineyard appears to...
  6. Greggj77

    Propane Grills... Whatcha Using?

    Good Day Cp'ers I am looking for a new grill and was wondering what you guys might be using? I have an old kenmore 3 burner that needs to be retired and will need a replacement for the new season. I have been looking at a Close out 2010 Weber Genesis EP-310 due to the stainless steel...
  7. Greggj77

    Pappy Van Winkle

    Hello, I was gifted a bottle of PVW 15 last year and recently polished it off. I was wondering if anyone knows of a source or the release date on these so I will know when to start looking. Any assistance on this would be appreciated. :D Thanks in advance.
  8. Greggj77

    The Glenlivet Nadurra 16yo

    As the title states I am looking for my next bottle and I stumbled across a bottle of The Glenlivet Nadurra 16yo. Although, not typically a huge fan the The Glenlivet line, (12 is ok and 15 is not the best value). I was immediately intruiged by the fact that it is not Chill Filtered and is a...
  9. Greggj77

    Any LAAA Fans out there?

    Title says it all. Figured that I might as well make this series a little more interesting. Any Angels fans want to wager a premium 5er (min $8) a stick on the Sox Angels series?
  10. Greggj77

    Bud Light Wheat

    Grey Goose and tonic is still sooooo goood.. Sorry for the late night drunken post... :-)
  11. Greggj77

    Montecristo White's 3 for $9.95 SHIPPED

    First of, I am not affiliated with them in any way. Heard this offer on the radio and sounded like a deal that others may be interested in as well. I recall doing this last year and the sticks arrived in a couple weeks. Not a bad deal, 3 MC whites for $10 shippped. Click here if...
  12. Greggj77

    Its about time to Give Some Thanks!

    Alright fellow CP'ers In honor of some momentus occasions in my household, my 250th post and my 1 year mark with this great community I feel it only fitting that a little PIF and a contest is in order. :thumbs: As for the aforementioned "momentus occasion", My wife and I had our first son a...
  13. Greggj77

    Rougue I2PA - Imperial India Pale Ale

    I picked up a 26oz ceramic bottle of this bad boy earlier and cracked the bottle last night. This is brewed at Rogue Ales Brewery out of Oregon. Appearance - Stupendous!!! a slightly orange hue with a 2-3 finger head Nose- BIG, and complex hop bouquet. Taste - This should be at the top...
  14. Greggj77

    Heading to Montreal

    ***Edited thought I was in the lobby. How do you move a post. DO I need to contact Rod? Well gents, I will be heading up north to Montreal, leaving thursday coming back sunday. I have a bachelor party for one of my best friends and as the best man I get to plan some key stops on our trip...
  15. Greggj77

    My Bad...

    ****edited wrong section of forum!! brain cramp fixed. moved to lobby
  16. Greggj77

    Favorite Scothch for the $

    Hello All, I am an avid scotch drinker in somewhat of what you might call a rut. Not that it is a bad rut persay as it is a rut that is trenched by my fondness and cravings for my old favorite single malts. With that said, I am looking at branching my tastes and experience a little and was...
  17. Greggj77

    Well it was only a matter of time.....

    Well needless to say I have now crossed over to humi # 2. Funny how this hobby will grab you! I remember when I picked the 150ct I did so thinking it would be difficult to fill and would be more than enough. How naive we are in our cigar youth. :-) So how many humi's do you guys have or...
  18. Greggj77

    While the wife's away.....

    SO the wife is out of town until friday. Which got my wheels turning, never a good thing, :-) Instead of heading to my back porch. I was thinking about having a stick in the house tonight watching the Sox pound the Rockies from my recliner. This seems to be the perfect crime, given...
  19. Greggj77

    Ginseng, Thank You!

    Well, I really don't know what to say except it appears that the rumors are true, your generosity is in fact, of epic proportions. I wanted to let you know that your package arrived safely and is very much appreciated. There were some really great "hard to find" sticks in my package, a bunch...
  20. Greggj77

    Yet Another Chinese Toy Recalled

    Happy Friday to CP Nation! Wantef to warn all CP mommies and daddies of yet another recall! :-) Pretty funny and I wanted to try to post a pic for future reviews. Can you see it?