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  1. {tpc}

    Unhappy Thread

    Sorry Floyd. :( Damn owls
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    NFL talk

    I guess not as much as I should have. Did I mention I am NOT a lions fan? 😂
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    Where am I staying while in Barcelona ???

    The Hotel Urban 5*GL
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    NFL talk

    I think Goff is serviceable, if the o-line can give him time. When it breaks down he seems scared but often makes better passes than say a lesser player like Kellon mond or jacoby brissett, though jacoby I think has him in the mobility dept. I agree the defense isn’t quite there yet. They do...
  5. {tpc}

    NFL talk

    He has heart for sure. With the team he has now, they should be able to compete. I just don’t know if they will keep him on with another subpar season. 9 wins and he will be crowned the next savior of the lions. 3 -5 wins and he should be on his way out, but the fords still own the team. The...
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    Happy birthday StinkiMonki

    Happy Birthday!
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    Finally a 1-person smoking room…

    I think all it needs is some ventilation fans… Weather pod
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    Where am I staying while in Barcelona ???

    Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid
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    Non-Cigar Purchases

    Do I get to take it for a spin around the track?
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    Non-Cigar Purchases

  11. {tpc}

    16 team league

    Is the date/time correct? I think it conflicts with one other cp leagues?
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    Where am I staying while in Barcelona ???

    Gran Hotel Ingles
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    16 team league

    Did this fill yet? Is it still on?
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    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I've used that one for multiple uses. Camping, around the patio etc. The only issue is that the front of it can get warm, I don't think warm enough to burn you or melt anything, but that is how it works.
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    Happy birthday TexasTraveler!

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Unhappy Thread

    Get a room already…
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    Locker Storage

    Hey no worries, I was just thinking out loud as well. I was sure you put a lot of thought into it, I tend to take these posts as conversational, and if we we having one..of course that would all have come up. :) In the end, what do they say? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At worse you can...
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    Everyday, not just Opening Day

    And all of Detroit baseball rejoices!!! Then we start to think..who is the replacement?
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    Ik zal verdoemd zijn

    Well done! Hayden keep the dogs away from this! 🤪
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    Wat de hel man

    Very awesome🙂