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  1. Chemyst

    Cigar Night @ Salem Co. Sportsman's Club

    CIGAR NIGHT Penn’s Grove Excelsior Lodge #54 Invites you to join us on May 13, 2011 @ 5-10pm For cigars, refreshment and fellowship at Salem Co. Sportsman’s Club Route 40, Carney’s Point, NJ 08069 Donation: $25 For Tickets and more info pm me. Thanks. Chemyst :cool:
  2. Chemyst

    Welcome to Philadelphia... Home of Mt. Pitchmore!

    Holy Cow! Cliff Lee is coming back!!! All hail Cliff Lee! Chemyst :cool:
  3. Chemyst

    Stopped at Tampa Sweethearts While on Vacation

    I stopped by Tampa Sweethearts on the way home from vacation in central FL. Darlene and Mr. Fuente were very pleasant and helpful. Darlene knew that I wasn't a regular, so she invited me into the office area to see what Fuente products they have in stock. I scored: 2 Anejo #77 Sharks (limit...
  4. Chemyst

    Monster Deal or No Deal?

    The Cigar Monster has a Blazer PB207 lighter up right now. $30 w/ free shipping, that's a deal! But when I went to checkout it said UPS Ground shipping is an extra $5. Not so good a deal! Then I got to thinking... My stuff ships UPS Ground anyway. Who would select UPS Air from Easton to...
  5. Chemyst

    CAO Sopranos 'Soldier' Special

    Just an fyi that CAO Sopranos are a "special" on for the next several days. Soldier size. These are some of the better CAOs I've tried, but the price was always too high. Currently they're bid at about $5 each, which is...
  6. Chemyst

    Beads Turned Yellow, Still Good?

    Half of the beads in my Vinotemp have turned yellow. The Vinotemp has 1/2 lb. of beads on the top shelf, and 1/2 lb. of beads on the bottom, both in 11"X14" trays. None of them have ever been directly touched by any liquid, only indirectly by absorbing water vapor from water in a shot glass...
  7. Chemyst

    RP Ocean Club

    I was checking out the deals at various vendors this evening, and found Holts has an RP Sampler with (4) Ocean Club, (4) 1990 and (4) 1992 for $40, until noon tomorrow. Thought this might be a good way to try the Ocean Club, plus get some smokes you know are good...
  8. Chemyst

    Deer Park Monthly Herf at Hooters on Wed.

    Hooters on Kirkwood Hwy., that is. Hope to see everyone there. Presuming I remember, myself. Chemyst :cool:
  9. Chemyst

    Another C-OverBidder $20 more than a direct purchase from Holts. Not complaining... just amused! Lesson: Do Your Homework BEFORE Bidding. Chemyst :cool:
  10. Chemyst

    Today's Deal is XLNT!

    Nice selection of smokes for $3 ea. RP92, Graycliff PG, RyJ and Olor. Chemyst :cool:
  11. Chemyst

    May/June Events in Philly Area, including So. NJ & DE

    Cusano Cigar Tasting May 12 Churchill's Tobacco Shop Cherry Hill NJ Cusano Cigar Tasting May 15 Tobacco Mart Cherry Hill NJ Perdomo Cigar Tasting May 17 Light'N'Up Philadelphia PA Miami Cigar Roller Event May 18 Cigar Alley at the News Nook Medford NJ Saint Luis Rey Cigar Tasting May 19...
  12. Chemyst

    Upcoming Cigar Events for Philly Area

    Chateau Real The Great Cigar Mooch Mar 22 Monster Cigar Bensalem PA Chateau Real The Great Cigar Mooch Mar 23 Philadelphia Cigar & Tobacco Company Phila. PA Montecristo Cigar Tasting Mar 26 G & G Cigar Company West Chester PA Davidoff Avo Uvezian Limited Edition Cigar Dinner Mar 28 Cigar...
  13. Chemyst

    Is Uncle Walt at Cigar-ette City on Friday?

    I thought I read that Perdomo would be there tomorrow. Chemyst :cool:
  14. Chemyst

    Cigar Events In/Near Philly - March

    Here are some events in/near Philly, coming up in March: Perdomo........Cigar Tasting...Mar 16...Cigar-ette City..Newark DE Indian Tabac..Cigar Tasting...Mar 09...Holt's................Philadelphia PA Montecristo....Cigar Tasting...Mar 26...G & G Cigar Company..West Chester PA FYI Chemyst...
  15. Chemyst

    Insanity Sale

    Check out these deals good until 1/24: There are some good ones in among the off brands. CAO, CT, RP, LGC, etc. Chemyst :cool:
  16. Chemyst

    FFOX on Auction

    Get ready to sell your first-born... Chemyst :cool:
  17. Chemyst

    RyJ Dutch Auction at JR

    These might be of interest to you: Chemyst :cool:
  18. Chemyst

    February Cigar Events Near Philly

    There are some Punch Events coming to town soon... February 06, 2007 Time: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM Punch Ambassador Greentree Tobacco 137 Egg Harbor Rd Sewell, New Jersey 08012 856-374-4010 February 07, 2007 Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Punch Ambassador JM Cigars 27 Marchwood Rd Exton, Pennsylvania 19341...
  19. Chemyst

    October Events in Philly/NJ Area

    Upcoming Events in Philly and suburbs, including nearby NJ: 10/6 Perdomo Cigar-ette City Newark, DE 10/9 Black Cat Shaggy's Newark, DE 10/11 Punch Classic Cigar Doylestown, PA 10/12 Punch Monster Cigar Bensalem, PA 10/13 Punch Phila. Cigar Philly...
  20. Chemyst

    What Happened to eHerf?

    I just clicked my eHerf bookmark, and the website is 'parked' by GoDaddy. Anybody know what happened over there? Chemyst :0