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  1. ChiTown_Huck

    Do you dream about your cigars?

    I can usually fall right asleep, but last night my mind was wandering. I just picked up a few aged cigars, and I was thinking of those and then I drifted to my collection and the cigars I wanted to smoke and then to those more rare ones that I look forward to burning and then to those great...
  2. ChiTown_Huck

    1970's Davidoff No. 1

    A Brother at CF, The Collector, just passed away. In honor of him and others that have passed too soon, I listened to Brian and smoked one of my best cigars. Here is what I posted over at CF: With The Collector's passing, I have been reflecting on life. Even though I didn't know him, I see him...
  3. ChiTown_Huck

    Heading out the door...

    ...with a couple cigars headed to Schaumburg. I have some extra time finally, so if anyone sees this and wants to head to the Cigar Lounge. Come join me. You can email me at chitownhuck at gmail dot com if you want to find me.
  4. ChiTown_Huck

    2000 Punch Royal Section No. 12

    Wrapper: Dark chocolate, a little rustic Prelight: Earthy aroma, rich hay aroma after snipped. Felt a little firm on the draw. Beginning, middle, end: At first I wasn't sure I liked the cigar. Flavors seemed muddled, dense. Perfect burn. Draw was a little tight. Ash made it an inch at least...
  5. ChiTown_Huck

    Cherished Cigar Moment

    Alrighty, its about time I ran a contest. Here is what I am looking for. Post your favorite or one of your favorite cigar moments and explain why. You will need to have contributed positively to CP and not be an asshat to qualify. I am the sole arbiter of the winner. This contest will run...
  6. ChiTown_Huck

    Stone Week in Chicago

    In case you don't know, Stone products are coming to Chicago. I am so happy, it brings a tear to my eye. Anywho, the wife and I headed down to Hopleaf for one of the kickoff events for the week long celebration. Great time and great beers. We missed out on most of the free tastings. They had...
  7. ChiTown_Huck

    Fuente Fuente Opus X No. 2

    So this was one of the cigars I won in a package during the jlada auction, so I thought I would review it. I don't have photos though, so sorry. I don't know the age of this cigar, but the label had begun to yellow so it had to have a few years on it. Wrapper: Dark reddish wrapper with dark...
  8. ChiTown_Huck

    Arturo Fuente Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Natural

    Wrapper: Redish colorado wrapper. Smooth and silky feel to the wrapper Prelight: The aroma of the wrapper is amazing. Sweet with a fermented essense, raisins maybe. Pure Opus. Beginning: Good punch of spice right off the bat. Rich, meaty aroma, great nose. The oils are coming to the surface of...
  9. ChiTown_Huck

    So how come...

    Phoenyx469 has the same girl avatar as PGK? Wasn't that supposed to be his girlfriend?
  10. ChiTown_Huck

    Email Virus alert

    Just got this from our IS Department: Beware of the “Coca Cola is proud to announce our new Christmas Promotion” emails. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. It is a virus and will infect your computer. If you receive an email with “You've received A Hallmark E-Card!”, DO NOT ATTEMPT...
  11. ChiTown_Huck

    Infinity Herf

    Anyone want to get together tomorrow night? I'd like it to be out here in the burbs because I'll have kid duty early in the evening. My preference would be for 8 to 8, Arlington Pipe and Tobacco, or Cigary (which has a great lounge but a $10 fee) as they are the closest to me, but I can be...
  12. ChiTown_Huck

    Tit for Tat

    This should maybe be in the Buy/Sell/Trade room...but I finally found some Tats. Anyone know where I can trade them for tits?
  13. ChiTown_Huck

    Stone Russian Imperial Stout

    2006 vintage. YUM! Pairs well with Anejo No. 55. I gotta learn to make an Imperial Stout this good.
  14. ChiTown_Huck

    Good B&M near Northeast Cincy

    Is there a good shop or two near to northeast Cincy. Here with family, and if I can sneak out during nap time, I wouldn't mind trying to find a nice B&M to shop and smoke.