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    Actor Dennis Hopper

    Greetings! Dennis Hopper passed away today. I remember watching Mr. Hopper primarily on television, back in the early 1960's. He made guest appearances in shows such as "The Rifleman", and "The Twilight Zone". Mr. Hopper will be missed by many. Regards, knightlaird
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    The 139th Belmont Stakes!

    Greetings! Tiago looks good. I believe that Tiago is a good horse for running the distance at Belmont. Be sure to watch the Belmont Stakes on NBC Television this Saturday, June 9th. Which horse is your favorite? Regards, knightlaird
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    The 132nd Preakness Stakes!

    Greetings! The Preakness is almost here (Saturday, May 19th). Which horse is your pick to win? Street Sense is my pick. I believe that he may have a good chance at becoming a Triple Crown Champion. Be sure to watch the Preakness on NBC Television. Regards, knightlaird
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    FREE Altadis Pipe Tobacco Samples!

    Greetings! If you have not ordered yours before, the FREE Altadis Pipe Tobacco Samples are available at this time! To signup, please visit Enjoy! Regards, knightlaird
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    Actress Yvonne De Carlo Has Passed Away...

    Greetings! Yvonne De Carlo, probably best remembered for her role as Lily Munster on "The Munsters", has passed away. Please visit She will be missed. Regards, knightlaird
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    Cowboy Boots Are Terrific!

    Greetings, Buckaroos! I have about a dozen pairs of cowboy boots. I really like them all. I have a pair of Teju Lizard boots that are among my favorites. I like my pair of Lone Star boots with wingtips and star inlays. My favorite everyday cowboy boots are a tan pair of Tony Lama's...
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    Do You Know Of Any Unusual Last Names?

    Greetings! Do You Know Of Any Unusual Last Names? Please Tell Us About Them! Please visit Please also visit Interesting! Regards, knightlaird
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    "Hee Haw" Star Buck Owens Passes Away

    Greetings! I enjoyed watching Buck Owens perform on "Hee Haw". I also especially like his "Tall Dark Stranger" recording. Mr. Owens will be missed. Regards, knightlaird
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    Famous People Smoking Cigars!

    Greetings! Famous People Smoking Cigars! An Interesting Photo Gallery! Please visit Please post your comments about this site. Regards, knightlaird
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    Greetings! Good variety of videos to view online! Please visit Please tell us what you think about Regards, knightlaird
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    Spring Begins On 03/20/2006!

    Greetings! I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Spring! We had another mild winter, here in the Texas Hill Country. It will now soon be time for spring cleaning, yard work and gardening, and all of those other little chores that we usually associate with spring...
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    Interesting Football Trivia!

    Greetings! Interesting Football Trivia! Please Tell Us Yours! Here's mine. Question: What longtime NFC placekicker invented the Nerf football? Answer: Fred Cox. For many years the reliable kicker for the Minnesota Vikings. Cox's claim to fame is inventing one of the most popular toys...
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    The Cold Steel Cutlery Bushman!

    Greetings! I purchased a Cold Steel Cutlery Bushman hunting knife a few weeks ago. The blade is razor sharp. For the price, you simply cannot beat a Bushman, in my opinion. I purchased mine from the Midsouth Shooters Supply Company. I discovered that they had the best price for the Bushman...
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    Cigars International!

    Greetings! Cigars International! Weekly Specials! Please visit Enjoy! Regards, knightlaird
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    Two Land Hermit Crabs!

    Greetings, Crustacian Fans! I received my two land hermit crabs from Uncle Milton Industries on Monday. They made the trip from California to Texas without any problems. I do not have any other pets at the present time, so I believe that these hermit crabs are a good choice for me. It is...
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    FREE Catalogs For Pipe Smokers!

    Greetings! It is fairly hard to find good free catalogs for pipe smokers these days. Simply visit each of these three web sites to request your FREE catalogs:,, and Enjoy your catalogs! Regards, knightlaird
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    Life On Mars?

    Greetings! Is there life on Mars? What is your opinion? For an excellent overview of this subject, please visit Yes, it appears that there is life on Mars! Regards, knightlaird
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    Happy Birthday, Sunward!

    Hi, Sunward! I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Smoke some great cigars, and smoke your favorite pipes. Enjoy your day! Regards, knightlaird
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    Online Men's Clothing Bargains!

    Greetings! My favorite online men's clothing merchants overall are,, and I am always interested in good bargains, so I usually do about 80% of my shopping in the clearance sections of these sites. Please tell us which online...
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    Gangster Movies!

    Greetings! My favorite gangster movies are "The Valachi Papers", and "The Untouchables". Please tell us about your favorite gangster movies. Regards, knightlaird