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  1. emoshun

    Shmoke & Pancake Las Vegas Meetup 5/1 - 5/3

    I'll be in Vegas for my Birthday and if anyone is there I'd love to share a smoke and a pancake. Cheers!
  2. emoshun

    Happy Women's Day!

    To celebrate I will be empowering my wife with ample gestures of encouragement! (Mildly NSFW) Cheers!
  3. emoshun

    Feeler for BSS 2016

    Lets see how many of you gents are up to having one this year, with so many great local breweries opening/releasing wonderful brews I'm sure we can get a good showing. LMK! Jimmy
  4. emoshun

    Mitch Steele Leaving Stone

    Shocking news, but I wish him the best of luck and I know wherever he lands it will be great.
  5. emoshun

    Las Vegas 4/29 - 5/2

    If you're there too, hit me up and we'll smoke at Casa! Cheers, Jimmy
  6. emoshun

    ISO/WTT: Breakside IPA / SoCal Brews

    Looking at you Oregon/Portland! LMK!
  7. emoshun

    ISO/WTT: PseudoSue/SoCal Brews

    If you can get your hands on some PseudoSue please lmk, I can trade you for most any brewing company here in Cali. (Including RR PLE)   Jimmy
  8. emoshun

    I'm going to be a Daddy!

    I thought I would share the good news with my CP family, yesterday evening we had our gender reveal party and once that cake was cut we knew! We're having a baby girl come this November, and I couldn't be more excited! Now onto naming this little girl, any suggestions fellas? Feeling...
  9. emoshun

    WTT Maine Beer Company Brews for SoCal Brews

    I would love to snag a few bottles of each, Lunch, Dinner, and MO.   I can get you pretty much any brew in Cali barring Pliny/Blind Pig.   Thanks!
  10. emoshun

    Do you let your beers warm up? I do.

    Even though have I my keezer set at pouring the beer right at 38º, I will let the pint set for about 5 minutes as that allows it to warm up and unlayer some of the flavor. I'm curious who else does this, and at what temps do you enjoy different styles of beer?   I know that Jeff does this, but...
  11. emoshun

    CigarPass, I need your help!

    Hello you fine looking group of gentlemen/women!   A client campaign (Wienerschnitzel) that I spearheaded creative on is up for an award. If this campaign wins, I will personally send a random voter from those that post in this thread a delicious Cuban 5er as a sign of my appreciation.   I ask...
  12. emoshun

    Oskar Blues names beer...PINNER

    This sounds interesting enough to try and beg some person from Colorado to send me a 6er...   Oskar Blues names new beer after marijuana PINNER
  13. emoshun

    Lagunitas attempts to sue Sierra Nevada

    As quickly as it was announced, it was dropped.   In the meantime I made my own version of the label.     My opinion is the designer(s) at SN got lazy with this first to market beer. In all other cases of SN packaging design, the name of the beer outweighs the style of the brew. This was the...
  14. emoshun

    Beer PIF 2015

    New Year, New Thread let's get this going guys. This currently sits in the cold winter of Colorado in Jason's hands.   Claim his bounty by posting up that you can take his love, and then some.  :love:   Jimmy
  15. emoshun

    OPUS X BBMF 2009

    First off I'd like to thank Jason for this amazing smoke, he mentioned that he slipped a 'lil something in my box but I was not expecting this!   The name of this cigar is intimidating, the weight in the hand is solid, the flower atop a perfectly constructed work of art from the dedicated...
  16. emoshun

    Hit and Hit Hard!

    Just wanted to say a very sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Fields family for their generosity, John you are too much man.   He managed to hand me my own ass with a box of amazing brews and box of cigars, of which one of my bucket list sticks!   The friends made here mean so much to me and...
  17. emoshun

    San Diego this Saturday 6/7

    Is anyone from down south going to be around on Saturday? I am heading down there to pick up my keezer equipment from Beverage Factory and will be making a day of it. Want to visit a couple breweries including Pizza Port, Ballast Point, and the Stone Company store (not the Escondido location)...
  18. emoshun

    Happy Birthday Billy! (B.HOBS)

    Just wanted to say I hope you have a great time celebrating your 30th my man!   You're the best!  
  19. emoshun

    Freezerator Build (Keezer)

    I wanted to start this thread as a build thread for my freezerator, I've spoken to a couple guys who've built them and they love them. (One of the guys is a master home brewer that went on to open his own brewery with 2 friends.) I'm planning on running 2 1/2BBL in this setup.   A good example...
  20. emoshun

    Happy Birthday Jeff! (The Black Cloud)

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday you crease kraken, you post patroller, you five hole fiend! Keep it up!