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  1. hojadepuro

    Baby number 2 is here

    My second son decided he couldn't wait another day and just had to come in this world 2 weeks early on April fools day. He is healthy and doing well, but I have not been sleeping much. I thought having one kid was tough; I don't know how we are going to make it with two. Last night I decided to...
  2. hojadepuro

    Happy Birthday Razorback

    Hope you are enjoying your day Nick! Brandon
  3. hojadepuro

    To all the poker players out there

    So I play poker once in a while, and I watch it on TV sometimes. I would love to play in a World Series of Poker event, but it would be a hard sell to the wife. :blush: Well I got to opportunity to play in a WSOP Circuit event when the WSOP came to Durant, OK. This is withing driving distance...
  4. hojadepuro

    Nice surprise from Casa Fuente!

    Well Colin (indieangler) went to Vegas, and I told him he had to go check out Casa Fuente. I haven't been there myself, but I hear it's pretty amazing. I told him to grab a couple Casa Fuente Corona Gordas to try out. When he gets back to the Fort he brings me a nice little present. He hands me...
  5. hojadepuro

    Nice day of fishing

    Hey guys I thought I would get around to posting some pics of myself, BJ (Bond), and Colin (indieangler) doing a little fly fishing. We headed out during the white bass run, and thought we would give catching some hybrids and stripers a try. They were spawning and running up the White River here...
  6. hojadepuro

    Buying a box for son's 18th birthday

    Hey guys, I had my first child this week, and want to get a box of cigars to hold until his 18th birthday. Now, these things are going to be stored for 18 years, so I am lost at what to get. I thought about a 10 count box of 2010 EL's. If anyone has a suggestion or some insight I would greatly...
  7. hojadepuro

    Going Skiing

    I am going to get to take a little vacation next week to Ruidoso, New Mexico to go skiing for a week. I will be there from the 5th to the 12th or so. I am curious if anyone lives close to there, and wants to meet up for a smoke or where a good place to smoke would be. Shoot me a pm if you are...
  8. hojadepuro

    New member to hoja's family

    My new puppy Nadia. She is absolutely adorable! Very alert and playful. She is cute now, but I can't wait for her to grow up and and look mean. :angry: She is a full blood Sable German Shepherd. She is very adventurous. This is new school and old school together. This is my 5 year old...
  9. hojadepuro

    Good place to smoke in Dallas

    Hey guys I am in Dallas for visiting family and I am looking for a decent resturaunt and place to smoke. My hotel is around the Galleria. Tomorrow I will be in Irving. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. hojadepuro

    Tasman on a rampage this holiday season

    It looks like Dean must have had some extra time on his hands this Christmas season, because you all know "Idle hands..." I was also hit pretty hard by Dean this week with a FINE selection of some awesome smokes, including one from my wish list. Thanks for the thoughtfulness and for throwing...
  11. hojadepuro

    paging any St. Louis BOTL

    My wife and I are going to be in St. Louis Nov. 16-18 (19). Hoping some of you guys from St. Louis can give me some recommendations on things to do, places to eat, smoke shops to visit, etc...and hopefully we can meet up for a smoke at some point. Shoot me a pm if you have time. Thanks guys...
  12. hojadepuro

    1983 - Rey Del Mundo Panetelas Largas

    Myself, Razorback, and Bond were gifted with one of these cigars from a very generous Brother! Since, these cigars were rolled the same year Nick and I were born we decided to fire them up on Nick (Razorback's) birthday. These cigars are VERY thin and look very old... I guess it is because they...
  13. hojadepuro

    another addicting game You are locked in a room and are trying to escape using the clues around you. Enjoy! Brandon
  14. hojadepuro

    LFD Mysterio review

    I got this bad boy back in the pass I did a few months ago, and have been waiting for just the right time to fire it up! I have never had a Mysterio and I was curious how it would smoke through the wrapper flaws. :D I decided last night would be the night to fire it up. The smoke As you can...
  15. hojadepuro

    Law Enforcement Memorial Week

    I know we have several folks involved in law enforcement here at CP, and I thought I would let everyone know that this week is Nation Law Enforcement Memorial Week. Let us remember, and not take for granted, all those who have given their life so that others may have freedom here on the home...
  16. hojadepuro

    Another fishing game This guy is a little more animated than the last one posted, and it is harder to catch fish. "Come on give me some fist.....any day now....any day now" :laugh: :laugh: Brandon edit: cause I can't splel
  17. hojadepuro

    Very nice sampler at Holts

    Thought I would pass along the info. HOLTS SAMPLER Enjoy!! :thumbs: Brandon
  18. hojadepuro

    Chalk another one up to The Mad Bomber

    Well I came home to two nice packages today. One I was expecting, and the other I was not. Man was I surprised when I opened it up and saw such an awesome array of fine cigars!!! John knocked several off my wish list, and sent me several that I love. Thanks for the fine act of generosity!! You...
  19. hojadepuro

    I am thinking of a group buy

    What a price on these! Brandon
  20. hojadepuro

    Look what arrived at my house today!

    My sister found this puppy and thought he needed a home...MY HOME!!! :D Not sure if Bo approves yet, but they seem to get along well. :thumbs: Brandon