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  1. hojadepuro

    Happy 31st Birthday Brandon (hojadepuro)

    Hey guys thanks for the kind words. It is nice to hear from some of you I haven't talked with a while. :love: I am still around from time to time.   The weekend blast was nice. Had a few friends over and we had ribs, cigars, and beverages. The weather was just right to light up the fire pit and...
  2. hojadepuro

    Very short notice: Going to be in Clarksville, AR

    Larry thanks for the message. Jeff sorry for your loss Brother. I hate that it is under these circumstances, but am looking forward to getting together if possible.   We have got a decent little crew here in Fort Smith and we have an indoor spot for a last minute herf. You are about 45min from...
  3. hojadepuro

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

    Larry did have us all runny scared for a while during the poker game. The best line of the night was when he slow rolled Colin, who works in the poker industry. Larry turns over his set of 2's and says...I just got pocket twos. Ah it was great! No one wanted to mess with him! Good times. Brandon
  4. hojadepuro

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

    Wow what a night we had! BJ (Bond) and I started cooking ribs about 11am and we left after midnight. We had lots of food, even more drinks, and cigars for days. We were not sure what or who to expect, but Colin (indieangler) arrived shortly after and got the party started. He brought some Rahr...
  5. hojadepuro

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

    You better bring a poncho.....and a biiiig appetite. :thumbs:
  6. hojadepuro

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

    I think the Arkansas guys are going to be ready to go on the 26th if you want to just send it on down. I think we were hoping to get to come to KC for the event, but it doesn't look promising. I think the 26th would work out well for us and that way there is not much travel. You can send it to...
  7. hojadepuro

    Some people...

    Dang sorry to hear about that, but congrats on the good news and enjoy your honeymoon!! Brandon
  8. hojadepuro

    Frothy Scrotorum?!?!

    Nice hit Scrotebag. Jon certainly is a deserving target. Enjoy buddy! Brandon
  9. hojadepuro

    Look out Trout!

    James that is not a bad fish for a fly rod. Those little guys put up a fight on a lighter rod and are really fun! It looks like a bass though I might be wrong. Either way good stuff. :thumbs: Looks like you are hooked! lol...I am lame Brandon
  10. hojadepuro

    Look out Trout!

    Yeah a few of the Fort Smith members like to go fly fishing when we can. We are lucky enough to have some great rivers within driving distance and have caught rainbows, browns, stripers, hybrids, walleye, small mouth bass, bream, etc. Colin (Indieangler), BJ (Bond), and myself just got back from...
  11. hojadepuro

    Bubba wins at the Masters

    By Sunday I was rooting for Bubba and felt so bad for him when he hit it in the woods. I thought it was over for him. Little did I know he would pull the shot of a lifetime out of his rear and win. I like how he is unconventional and seems to be a very down to earth guy. Congrats to Bubba!! Brandon
  12. hojadepuro

    Happy 35th B-Day Julius (bigmanfromou), enjoy brother.......

    Have a good one Brother! Happy Birthday! Brandon
  13. hojadepuro

    Tatuaje Havana VI!

    You know, I absolutely love these cigars. Just something about them that are always tasty to me. Too bad my local shop doesn't carry them. I went to a shop about an hour away yesterday that I hoped would have some, but was disappointed that they were out. I had the lancero size a while back...
  14. hojadepuro

    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    Please someone blow Nate away! :D I just got home from a long day away and came home to an absolute bloodbath at the house. Don't you know I have little ones around here man?! Nate absolutely blew me away with an amazing selection of cigars. Every one of them from the wish list. He went way...
  15. hojadepuro

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass

    Ours is going to take a little planning, but since I have had the baby early, we are a go. We can start getting things together and trying to come up with a date a few weeks out. Once a date is set I will post it in the thread and we can fall in accordingly. Nice jobs so far. Nice to see...
  16. hojadepuro

    who knew Phil was dating J Lo?

    :sign: lol...reminds me of a sienfeld quote. "I can't be with someone if I don't respect what they do....but your a cashier!"
  17. hojadepuro

    Thanks Nate!

    Nice job Nate. He just stepped up on my wish in the PIF...he is on a tear this week! Brandon
  18. hojadepuro

    Diablo III

    I can't believe this game is still not out. I was a Diablo II addict when I was in college and I was excited when I heard about D3 years ago. Since then I have had two kids and have to support a growing family, so my enthusiasm with how much I will be able to play it has faded. Depending on the...
  19. hojadepuro

    Baby number 2 is here

    My second son decided he couldn't wait another day and just had to come in this world 2 weeks early on April fools day. He is healthy and doing well, but I have not been sleeping much. I thought having one kid was tough; I don't know how we are going to make it with two. Last night I decided to...