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    LG Diez Maduro?

    Hello all! I was just gifted a LG Diez Maduro, and I had never heard of one, does anyone have any info? Google turned up nothing...Number of sticks, when sold, sizes? Note: this is NOT an oscuro, but an actual Maduro wrapper.... Thanks for any info! ~brooks
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    Por Larrañaga Magnifico

    Just like in Highlander, there can be only one. And that one could very well be the Por Larrañaga Magnifico. It has been called "The most beautiful cigar in the world", and I certainly agree with that sentiment. Specially produced in 2007 for Hunters & Frankau, the U.K. agent for Cuban cigars...
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    My Father Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto- (Preproduction)

    [Note: As with all Preproduction cigar previews, this one will be a list of information about the upcoming cigar and general impressions from smoking it. There will be no final rating given, as I believe it is not equitable to rate a cigar that has not yet been finalized and released to the...
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    Opus X Forbidden X BBMF (Natural)

    If you asked 100 cigar smokers for their 10 ten cigars they would someday like to smoke, the odds are that the Fuente BBMF would be on quite a few of the lists. The cigar has an iconic look that makes it hard to miss, and they are not easy to get ahold of (and even harder to get ahold of at...
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    It is finally Live!

    Well, I FINALLY finished up my cigar review site, and thought I would share! Take a look if you would like, and let me know what you like, what you hate, and if there is anything you think I should change :) Thanks! ~brooks
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    Tatuaje Porkchop - "Pass the applesauce Mable!"

    While perusing some boards, I found out that Pete had released a very Limited stick to a good friend of his, Jose Agosto from Gloucester Street Cigars in Boston...Jose is the person who came up with the idea of the "Monster" series (the "Frank" was released last October, and the "Drac" will be...
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    Tatuaje L'esprit de La Verite- (Preproduction)

    I was lucky enough to be sent one of the first La Verite preproduction sticks released into the wild by Pete himself, and decided to burn it as soon as I could. For those of you who don't know, new line will have two cigars in it, the La Verite (which ship in cases of 100 for $25 per cigar, but...
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    La Flor Dominicana El Museo

    Let me set the scene. You know how bored you get when you go to get your tires rotated, and the tire people find "a little problem" with one of your tires, and it will be "just a quick second" to check it out, and you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait while pretending to look through a...