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    Tatuaje Cohete (Tower Cigars - 2008)

    Why are you taking it personally? I am just trying to clear up a misunderstanding...Misinformation is rampant in this industry, and it is in everyone's interest to  correct information when it is incorrect. Am I calling you a Liar? Absolutely not. I am pointing out that all of the evidence...
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    Tatuaje Cohete (Tower Cigars - 2008)

      So how did Tom get them in 2008?   How? Good question.   Personally I don't believe a word B.B.S. says...that lying sack of floor swept short filler! :laugh: So the fact that he has a hand written date on the back of the box is proof he got them on that date?   I have given you Tatuaje's...
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    Tatuaje Cohete (Tower Cigars - 2008)

    Nope, the Cohetes were released in 2006 and 2009.   The box code is usually when the boxes are PACKAGED, not released.   If you need further proof...
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    Opus X Lost City Lancero

    I confirmed back in 2009 the Lost City Lanceros DO have the black bands, but are NOT the Lost City blends, they are the regular Opus Blend...Apparently, there was a "screwup" at the factory... I suppose that...
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    Opus X Lost City Lancero

    The Lost City Lancero and Love Affair vitolas are just regular OpusX blend, NOT the Lost City blend.
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    J.J. Fox 225th Anniversary Padron

    That is a quote from the website they are being sold on, not our description: "The Fox 225 Anniversary Cabinet cigars are a unique blend within the Padron Family Reserve Range."
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    J.J. Fox 225th Anniversary Padron

    It does say specifically it is a "unique Blend" in the 1964 line, although that could mean anything, I suppose...
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    Anyone try E Doble by Erik Espinosa?

    Had one today...not the most complex of cigars, but great construction, felt very good in the hand, and nice smoke is a steal at around $2.50 each, I think... ~brooks
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    Today's Smoke II

    Smoking a Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial LE Connecticut for a review...Just a great example of what a Connie can be (and VERY different from the CBL version, with nothing more then a wrapper change)...
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    Tatuaje Monster Series "Monsters"

    Well, that is not totally true...there are quite a few less of the Natural Family Reserve every year then the Maduro (and Padron is happy to tell you how much more hard the Natural wrapper is going to be to find)...
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    Tatuaje Monster Series "Monsters"

    The Monster for next year is scheduled to be the Mummy, fwiw...
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Yep :) They are from Room 101, fwiw...Supposed to be Matt's event cigar, I believe...
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    These came in late last week... Half box (25) of Room 101 Namakubi Papi Chulo... Box of Graycliff Espresso Elegante (Lanceros): Box of My Father Le Bijou 1922 "Puff N Stuff" Corona Gordas: Two Room 101 "One Shot, One Kill" prerelease samples... The MF and Graycliff are...
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    My take on Cubans

    I agree on all points. Having said that, there are times I want a Cuban flavor profile, and times I don't...I just don't seem to reach for Cubans as much as I do NC... **shrug**
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    New Tatuaje "wolfman" halloween LE

    I am not getting into the rest of the conversation, but for the Wolfman, along with the 666 "Dress Boxes" of 13 cigars, Tatuaje is also releasing 1300 simple boxes of 10 (individual cellophaned) Wolf in each one, plain boxes that just say "Tatuaje Halloween 2011 No. 4" Just like he did with the...
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    Limited Release Cigars? Where? local B&M? or Online?

    Elite Cigar Cafe gets at least a box of all of the Tatuaje and Viaje releases...
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    IPCPR New Releases 2011

    Great list, where did you get it from? ~brooks
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    Partagas 150

    Expired. Sorry :(
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    Strongest cigars you have smoked

    The strongest cigar I have had recently was the Viaje Zombie...bout knocked me out...
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    Puff N Stuff Special Edition Pepin Le Bijou

    I was photographing Janny last night, and told her how much I love this cigar :) ~brooks