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    Any suggestions on places that are smoke friendly? I'll be there from Tuesday to Friday for some business. Groupon has a special for stogies and brogies, any good? Kevin
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    Cigar Angel?

    Happy Sunday.
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    New(ish) to Pipe smoking - Trade?

    I'm newish to the pipe smoking. I've gotten a few different pipes from estates, b&m, ect. My local only carries bulk aromatics and I was looking to try things outside of this realm. Anyone interested in doing a trade for pipe tobaccos? Can offer cigars, ect. I was looking to try some Balkan...
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    Ionizer, Air Purifier

    I'm moving into a new house soon and turning the sunroom into a smokers lounge. Have any of you guys used ionizers or air purifiers? Do they work well? If so, any models anyone would recommend? Kevin
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    Lafayette, LA

    I'm going down to Lafayette for a few days next week to do some Safegulf and offshore training. Any places I should try to visit or things to do? Kevin
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    Reloaders - Primers

    I know theres a few reloaders out there. Widener's reloading and Shooting Supply has Wolf primers available in various sizes. I'm not affiliated with the company, nor have I used the wolf primers. From what i've read, they seem to work fine, so I'm gonna give them a try.
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    Zippo Blu problem

    Anyone here use the zippo blu? I can't get mine to spark anymore on the first try. I've been using the Zippo fuel, I purged the tank, sprayed the burner with compressed air, refilled and tried to spark and still only works 1 of 10 times. Thanks, Kevin
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    Dallas/Arlington/Ft Worth

    I'll be in Plano tommorow for a wedding. Sunday I was planning on possibly hitting a shop before I leave, any places I should visit? Anyone else wanna get together for a smoke maybe around/after lunch time ? Kevin
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    Lost another one today.

    RIP Jim. Today at 3pm, a friend/coworker of mine passed away from cancer at the age of 53. He will be missed, so if you guys can, keep his family in your prayers and light one up for a non CP Botl. I lit up a Davidoff in his honor today. Wish I could've shared it in person with him.
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    Shii (NSFW)

    Clicky I found this funny, some may find it offensive. Possibly NSFW despite being Youtube.
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    Anyone reload ammunition?

    Since theres been atleast a few posts about guns and the whatnot, I was wondering if anyone here reloads. I picked up a Lee Precision 1000 series setup and wanted to start up soon. I've gotta wait for my bullet heads to come in! Anyways, I know the casings with deformations at the head and...
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    Grand Junction / Silt CO

    Hey, I'm headed to the Grand Junction / Silt CO Area for about a week on Monday. Any BOTL in the area or places to go while i'm in the area? Kevin
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    Hometown Pass

    Hey guys, looking at possibly starting a box pass here in the next few. Right now, i'm gauging interest in doing such. The theme will be hometown pride! So, along with the usual cigars, have something thats from home or where you're at that you can share with one or all of the brothers in the...
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    National Pancake Day!

    Tommorow is national pancake day! Free short stack at Ihop from 7am to 10pm tommorow! Any donations also go to the National Childrens Network, so everyone not on a diet (or on a diet), go enjoy a short stack and help out some kids. Happy Fat Tuesdays boys and girls.
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    Contest rules and whatnot to follow after I do some thinking..... Prize: 1953 White Owl + a few other rockets ;) I know some of you guys only smoke the pineapple, but maybe this will be good too. Edit: Contest is open to everyone and ends Thursday December 11th at Noon. (My last final I...
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    2 Years!

    Wow, its been two years as of yesterday. Well since the CP family has given me so much, its my chance to give back. So time for a contest! 5er of hopefully non dog rockets ;) for each. 1. What was the last movie I watched? Congratz SteveHawk! :thumbs: 2. What is the first mass produced...
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    Megan Fox's Scene from Jennifer's Body

    Pasties but whatever. :rolleyes:
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    Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it..... or Lunar New Year for those who don't! Smoke somethin nice if ya got it! :thumbs:
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    I Am Legend

    Badass movie. Kinda reminiscent of watching Cast Away in a semi-horror thriller kinda way. Anyone else see it?
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    Topic Tree?

    How do i turn off the topic tree so that it shows all of the replies? I can't figure it out. Thanks Edit: Nevermind, forgot to do search.