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  1. Reuben

    Juan Lopez #2

    I picked up a cabinet of 2013 Juan Lopez #2 on a tip from a buddy who lives in the Great White North. Then I read about the 94 rating Cigar Aficianado gave a box of 2015 Juan Lopez #2. I thought I would take a chance on the 2013 box, since 2013 seems to be a very decent year on most brands...
  2. Reuben

    Tonights smoke. A first for me

    Smoking my first Montecristo #2 tonight. I'm not the most experienced smoker of the Cubam leaf. This is a nice experience. It started nice and creamy. Smooth with some sweetness. Lighter than the Padron Anniversarios I usually smoke. This Montecristo has a very nice draw. I'm enjoying it...