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  1. Tiger

    Football Saturday

    Michigan Won. That's about all I can say good about football today. Was hoping Penn State was going to pull an upset over Ohio State, but that's looking increasingly unlikely. Georgia's one TD behind Auburn. So I'm just gonna drink my beer, light up a stick and mutter to myself in a corner...
  2. Tiger

    Working from Home

    Ah, the joys of working from home, get the job work done, and multitask a few household chores in the process. Not to mention the Joy of a Montecristo Platinum #3. In my cave, so hopefully with all the windows open, the woman won't notice when she gets home. :)
  3. Tiger

    Today's Plan

    Mow the lawn, clean the truck (ugh...this is going to take forever but that's what I get for letting it go for so long), smoke cigars.
  4. Tiger

    CAO Lx2 Toro

    So there I was this past weekend, all ready to do my first real review on the above stick since this was the last nice weekend we're going to have in the Quad Cites for a while. Got my camera, my laptop, a coke, set them all up on the bed of my truck....the battery in the camera dies after the...
  5. Tiger

    Anyone ever use this site

    Happened upon this site, just wondering if anyone has ever used them and if they're legit. Looks like a wholesaler, but I'm not sure. Guess that would help huh. :)
  6. Tiger

    CAO Cx2

    Fired one of these up last night and that's really all I can say. Wow. I mean, it was out of this world perfect. I'm not very good at describing the flavor and aroma's but I just can't say enough good things about how perfect this thing was. I burnt my fingers and lips to get one last puff out...
  7. Tiger

    Cigar Magazine

    For anyone interested. There is also a listing of CC prices.
  8. Tiger

    Today's the Day

    Cigarettes that is. Haven't had one all morning, hoping to be able to hold of on it. Working on a Cohiba that I started Sunday and had to put away. I think that's helping lots. :) I've read here that giving up the cigs will improve the experience when smoking cigars, so I'm waiting for that to...
  9. Tiger

    Opus X #4

    Before I pull the trigger on this...I'm getting them for $25 a stick, which from my research is pretty good, anyone disagree with that?
  10. Tiger

    Cedar Chest

    I've got a cedar chest (think hope chest) about 5 feet long a foot or so deep about 2 feet wide. It's just regular cedar, so would it have to be relined with spanish cedar? (an achievable task, though a little pricey I think) Thinking about a large humidor because I've bought three in the past...
  11. Tiger

    MMS up and running on iPhone

    For any iPhone users out there. :)
  12. Tiger


    If anyone could give me their opinon. I know Esplendidos are superb, because I've had those, my question is about Robustos. Anyone had both and how do they compare? Thanks.