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  1. Blue Dragon

    On the Wings of Armageddon - IIPA

    Beer Review: On the Wings of Armageddon - Imperial IPA Brewed and canned in Washington, DC by Brau Brewing, LLC. 9.2% ABV.     Appearance: Deep golden color. Beautiful! Can't see through it; great for an IIPA.    Head: Great head retention upon pouring. Only a slight layer after...
  2. Blue Dragon

    Leopold Bros. - Small Batch Spirits - Pre-Prohibition Style Whiskies

    Hey guys, I just had my first bourbon ball last night; pretty tasty. Then I ran across a show covering spiked sweets, featuring bourbon balls (happy balls actually). And on that show, they covered the Leopold Brothers small batch whiskey made in Denver, Colorado. ... It sounds really...
  3. Blue Dragon

    Superbowl - Vegas?

    Looks like I'm gonna be in Vegas for a couple weeks, and should be there during the Superbowl. I'm looking for a few good ideas on places to catch the game and a good cigar. Last year, a bunch of us chilled at the M-Resorts. That worked pretty well... Anyone gonna be in Vegas again this year...
  4. Blue Dragon

    Practical Joke for The_unchecked Scrutinizing Assholes .. Ideas

    *Disclaimer* .. Some links definitely not PC. My new found job has me travelling a TON, and I am becoming more and more frustrated with TSA. I was flying back home from Reno tonight, and was surprised at how mellow TSA seemed. .. And then I got home and unpacked my bags. .. Yup, There was the...
  5. Blue Dragon

    PACNW HERF - Boise, ID - April 29th, 30th, & May 1st

    So it is official. I am not moving, and will be staying in Boise, ID. I put a bunch of effort into fixing up my house, deck and yard so I could sell or rent my house. Now I get to live in the house, which is a bonus! I lost my job Dec. 31st, so I started up my own company, Blue Dragon...
  6. Blue Dragon

    Long overdue review - Opus X PerfeXion X 2006

    Hello hello fellow CPers, Today I am going to do a long overdue review. My memory has always had issues, especially when it comes to names. I was gifted a cigar, I can't remember if it was in a pass or if it was after the Blind Cigar Review threadI started a ways back. I'm kinda thinking it...
  7. Blue Dragon

    Putting up a Fiver on BSU vs. Virginia Tech

    I can do this twice. 5 to me if BSU wins, 5 to you if they loose. Fiver must contain cigars of the type: "Damn, this is one good cigar", no yard-gars please. - C
  8. Blue Dragon

    A little celebration ...

    Gentlemen, A little celebration is in order. I have had the most phenomenal week, culminating with a job offer that is a great step in my career. I'm really looking forward to the future possibilities, let alone the present awesomeness. So I am out on my porch toasting my new job with a...
  9. Blue Dragon

    Fiesta Bowl - ISOM Fiver on BSU

    Anyone want to wager an ISOM fiver on the Fiesta Bowl? I'm taking the Boise State Bronco's, and the current point spread is +7 1/2 points, meaning TCU needs to beat BSU by 8 points to win the bet. I think this is going to be an awesome game, and think BSU is going to win outright. So, if TCU...
  10. Blue Dragon

    Instructions for Canning?

    I'm trying to can some stuff and am having issues. Apparently I can't even read the directions on the back of the box holding the jars. It is my understanding that I need to put the jars in boiling water. Take them out. Put the stuff in the jar. Put the seal lid on top. Screw on ring. .. But...
  11. Blue Dragon

    GABF - 2009

    Well ... I thought for sure this would have already be posted. I will be meeting some of the boys in Denver for the Great American Beer Fest and then a HERF on Friday. I know part of the plan on Friday is Del Fresco's, good food and good cigars! Attendees that I know of: Rob Jonas Cory Alex...
  12. Blue Dragon

    Mailman not happy ..

    So some anonymous bomber decided I need a new mailbox. I don't think my mailman is very happy right now that he has to just leave my mail on the front door in a box. ... This may have been from the blizzard or just a Christmas present. Thanks whomever you are, and Happy New Year. Here is my...
  13. Blue Dragon

    Turkey Fryer ...

    I have been wanting to fry a turkey for several years now and have never taken the plunge. I was in Cost Co the other day and they have an oil-less turkey fryer. Now frying w/o any oil didn't make any sense to me, but it does look intriguing...
  14. Blue Dragon

    I think I hear something ..

    click click BOOM! :whistling:
  15. Blue Dragon

    Eagle, ID - Rib Cookoff ... HERF?

    There is going to be a BBQ Rib cook-off in Eagle, ID, just outside of Boise this Labor Day Weekend, August 30th, 31st, & Sept 1st. If anyone is heading down this way, let's get together for a smoke and some ribs!!!
  16. Blue Dragon

    Cigars as a Gift?

    Seadub, I got my poker winnings the other day. DAAUUUM! I swear we only bet for 2 premium cigars?!?! Thanks buddy! On a side note. The other day I showed my girlfriend my coolidor, and she said she would never buy me cigars again. And I told her that was OK, I had plenty, plus she would...
  17. Blue Dragon

    The Secret to Raising Smart Children

    I ran across this article today: And I tend to agree with them. I don't know why this is thought to be all of a sudden ground breaking since it was one of the premises of the Motivational Psychology class I took almost 15 years ago...
  18. Blue Dragon

    Don't Flame Me, Bro ... Interesting article, and something to keep in mind when posting in our own little community. :)
  19. Blue Dragon

    An Alaskan Vacation

    ... where to start ... Day 1: I have been fortunate enough to figure out a way to make it to Alaska to meet up with my buddy Jim, his lovely wife, and the cigar hounds for a few days. I stayed up all night packing, setting up my iPod, and salivating at the idea of heading up to Alaska for some...
  20. Blue Dragon


    Well we are all aware of the recent war where some Noobies thought they would pick on some FOGs. Little did they know that we are all just Brothers & Sisters of the Leaf. But we had a bunch of fun in the process. During the war I got a little carried away and ... well, built a big ass bomb. In...