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  1. LA Kings Fan

    I need to have a word with Charley

    Charley, I wanted to thank you for your generous gift. You sir are an amazing brother of the leaf. The selection of sticks is top notch and I will enjoy them in the near future. I hope to herf with you and the OC crew again and soon. Once again Charley is a great guy and thank you once again...
  2. LA Kings Fan

    I need to have a word with a certain Mr. Charley

    Dear Charley, All I can say is thank you very much for the much thought out birthday smokes you hand delivered today. Sad that Charles and I where out when you came by or was that planned as you seem to be a SILENT NINJA BOMER. Your gifted smokes were not mandatory but will be very appreciated...
  3. LA Kings Fan


    So it's that time of the year. The leaves start to turn colors and the crazyed hockey fans come out to play. Yes it's time to drop the puck and race towards Lord Stanely's cup. Best of luck to your favorite team but I must say Go Kings Go!