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  1. Tiger

    My Sinatra music is gone....

    Eh, I don't know if it's worth it personally. I know with compression you lose quality, but depending on how much compression and what your source for the music is has a bearing on the final result also. I took a few CDs that I'd ripped ages ago that were ripped at 128k and re-ripped at 320k...
  2. Tiger

    My Sinatra music is gone....

    At the risk of drawing fire from Devil Doc for failing to stay on topic. :) This is an odd issue. I looked around and found that it was happening on iTunes 7 when your music was on a drive other than the C drive, but couldn't find anything more recent than that. Needless to say this really...
  3. Tiger

    Another company that won't do Tobacco

    Talked to another guy at work here about it and he suggested Network Solutions.
  4. Tiger

    Another company that won't do Tobacco

    I work for and ISP, we don't offer any e-commerce sort of packages, but I talked to one of the guys here and they said you should try godaddy. Let me know if that doesn't help and I'll see if they have any other ideas.
  5. Tiger

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    lol, well a little I was running dry on everything and CX2s are one of my favorites. Got a couple checks coming in from work next week, I'll be buying non CAO stuff then. :)
  6. Tiger

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Been a couple weeks but a box of CAO Brazillia Samba's, CAO Italia Ciao, and CAO CX2.
  7. Tiger

    Noob Contest

  8. Tiger

    Football Saturday

    Michigan Won. That's about all I can say good about football today. Was hoping Penn State was going to pull an upset over Ohio State, but that's looking increasingly unlikely. Georgia's one TD behind Auburn. So I'm just gonna drink my beer, light up a stick and mutter to myself in a corner...
  9. Tiger

    Working from Home

    LOL I know, I know, don't hate the player, hate the game. :)
  10. Tiger

    Working from Home

    Ah, the joys of working from home, get the job work done, and multitask a few household chores in the process. Not to mention the Joy of a Montecristo Platinum #3. In my cave, so hopefully with all the windows open, the woman won't notice when she gets home. :)
  11. Tiger

    Today's Plan

    Worked like a dog yesterday, but the lawn did get mowed and Big Red got her cleaning. Wow, that was a mess. The rag I used to clean the wheels was literally black afterwards....but boy is she purdy now. :) Plan for absolutely nothing, except smoke a couple cigars. I think I can...
  12. Tiger

    Today's Plan

    Mow the lawn, clean the truck (ugh...this is going to take forever but that's what I get for letting it go for so long), smoke cigars.
  13. Tiger

    What are the most expensive cigars you buy regularly?

    Well, they're not crazy expensive but I can't get enough of the CAO Cx2 Toro's, the price is nice and for my palette, the experience is rarely a let down.
  14. Tiger

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Just pulled the trigger on another box of CAO Cx2's (I love these) from the fine folks at Famous Smoke.
  15. Tiger

    For all you flyboys

    This is freakin sweet! Makes me wanna run out and buy Flight Simulator. :)
  16. Tiger

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    Two each of Arturo Fuente King T, Royal Salute Sun Grown and Double Chateau. Picked up all at Iwan Ries & Co while I was in Chicago this weekend.
  17. Tiger

    new user, some questions - help appreciated!

    If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch there's a handy app called PuroExpress you should look into.
  18. Tiger

    This has got to be my new favorite cigar.

    Won't download for me either, but I think I know what it is, an ad for Independence cigars. I've got a copy of it but no place to post it if anyone wants me to email it to them to post somewhere.
  19. Tiger

    Need some CP support...

    2009 has sucked for me and a lot of folks I know. I'm taking the positive attitude track that 2010 is going to be a GREAT year! I'll let you know how that turns out. :)
  20. Tiger

    CAO Lx2 Toro

    So there I was this past weekend, all ready to do my first real review on the above stick since this was the last nice weekend we're going to have in the Quad Cites for a while. Got my camera, my laptop, a coke, set them all up on the bed of my truck....the battery in the camera dies after the...