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  1. Backslide

    Happy 22nd Birthday, CigarPass!

    Damn this place is old. :)
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    What coffee did you drink today?

    WBC By Klatch, 18g in 36g out 28sec pull. Rancilio Silvia Still working on my Latte art, I'll get it down one day.
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    Happy birthday Kingantz!

    He sure has some great reviews back in the day! Happy birthday bro.
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    What's Brewin'?

    Do it! eBIAB rocks! I don't think I'll brew on anything else outside of full-scale pro gear.
  5. Backslide

    What's Brewin'?

    I brewed up an amazing Vienna lager, and Citra Pils. I have no ideal what I wanna whip up next.
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    Happy birthday Backslide

    Ha, Steve's too busy cross stiching in his She Shed!
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    Mild CC

    Imagine digging into a box from 2010 hot damn!
  8. Backslide

    Mild CC

    Well my favorite milder CC's are PLPC QdO Corona HdM Epi no° 2
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2019

    I have a cab of PLPC's and box of Party Shorts en route. Mmmmm PLPC!!!