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    Do you see it?

    Took me about 45sec to spot it.
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    What beer did you drink today (2016)

    Omg delicious
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    Holy Smokes

    Well Century Link just took off and left me with these crappy speeds WTF? Ahhhhh, it's nice to have internet again.
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    ISO: New England brews

    I'm looking to get my paws on a few different brews to share with a beer nerd friend of mine. I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could help. Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine Double Sunshine Maine Beer Co. Lunch Dinner Another One Hill Farmstead Edward Abner Susan Anna Alchemist...
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    Happy Birthday Steve (Undegreed)

    I cant wait to eat all the BBQ and smoke all your good cigars this afternoon.
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    Great Arizona Beer Festival - April 18, 2015

    So I'll be flying into Phoenix to attend the GAzBF and to celebrate record store day. If any of you AZ guys will be at the fest hit me up.   Jason 
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    Very interesting news

    @DRUDGE_REPORT PAPER: Is Obama contemplating unilateral action on Cuba? I'm on my phone so I'll just let you read the link!
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    I knew it.

    Poor taste in woman = good taste in cigars?
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    Gary,      Clean out your inbox     Love,     Jason
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    What beer did you drink today? 2014

    After work this morning I poured a nice pint of Beehive by Bristol Brewing Co. I'm thinking that once this keg is done, I'll be looking for a different Wheat or Pilsner brew to put in it's place. If only I could get a 5gal keg of Gumball Head :love:
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    What's your latest purchase - 2014

    Box of PL P's and split a box of HdM Epi 2's
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    Today's smoke - 2014

    I'm loving this beautiful RASS from 2010. <br />
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    Hey Rod

    What's the status of your Ghost Pepper challenge, curious minds need to know?  :laugh:
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    Tapatalk app

    Rod, what's your thoughts on enabling the pic posting feature of this app?
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    Farmington NM

    I'll be in town for a few days on business. If anyone in the area wants to herf, I'm game. 9/24-9/26       Jason
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    ISO 3floyds

    Looking for a sixer of Zombie Dust. Pm if you're in the Chicago area or can help ;) Jason
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    Nexus 4

    The Nexus 4 is now $199 for the 8GB and $249 for the 16gb version UNLOCKED, via google.  I own 2 16gb versions (wife and myself) and absolutely love it. So if you're in the market for a new phone, give the Nexus 4 a look
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    European Herf!

    Flight's are now booked. May 5th 2014 - May 16th 2014. Let's get something planned while I'm in Germany!    Forgot to mention I'll be staying for roughly 5 days in Cologne. We plan on taking the train to Paris for the back end of our trip.      Jason
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    anyone in Spokane

    I'll be in Spokane for the next few days. Anyone want to get together? Oops sorry got the double post.
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    anyone in Spokane

    I'll be in Spokane for the next few days. Anyone want to get together?