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  1. jayro75


    Came home to a totally unexpected package of very nice sticks. Definitely brightened up a crappy day.. Return addy says it's from Sneed but it was shipped from Austin, TX. Thank you to whoever sent this you definitely nailed some of my favorites. Now to figure out who the mad bomber is.......
  2. jayro75

    Woburn, MA Tomorrow Night

    I have to be in Woburn for a meeting Wed. morning but will be spending tomorrow night in the area. If anyone is around to meetup for a smoke let me know. I'll be arriving mid afternoon. I'll have a car so can travel a reasonable distance. Since I don't know the area I'm open to suggestions...
  3. jayro75

    Homeless Guy Opens Bar

    A homeless man allegedly broke into a California bar and served drinks to unsuspecting patrons all weekend -- before police came calling. My link I give the guy credit for creativity. It looks like he was doing pretty well for himself.
  4. jayro75

    More Bad News for Yankees fans

    Reports are coming out that Steinbrenner has died of a massive heart attack. I hate the Yankees but this is sad news none the less. Link
  5. jayro75

    Free newbie 5ers

    Title says it all! First 2 newbies to respond in this thread saying "Gimme dem free smokes!" gets a free newbie 5er. I'm even picking up the priority mail costs. Must have an '09 join date and have at least 80 posts. As always no asshattery etc.. Go! :sign:
  6. jayro75


    I'm sitting in the den holding my daughter when I hear my mail slot open and close abruptly. I get up to walk to the door and out the window see the mailman running for dear life. Curious I look to the door and see a torn open package with wires sticking out. I immediately grab the baby and...
  7. jayro75

    Macallan Replica 1841

    I was just given this as a holiday gift from my business partner. He knows I like scotch and have always enjoyed the Macallan 18 so I consider this a thoughtful gift. I was wondering if anyone here has tried it and what your opinions on it were? I'm assuming this is the type of scotch I should...
  8. jayro75

    Opus Love Story

    Apparently Darlene at Tampa Sweethearts is offering boxes of Opus Love story for $74.95 with the purchase of a box of pretty much any of the Don Carlos line including the God of Fire Don Carlos Robustos and Edicion de Anniversario box set. I thought I'd share the news with everyone as I know...
  9. jayro75

    Guess my Daughters Birthdate Contest

    With all the bad news in the economy and the craziness in the markets it's been a little depressing at work. Each night when I come home I'm immediately cheered up by seeing my beautiful daughters face. I figured I could spread my happiness to my fellow B/SOTL's with a contest honoring my...
  10. jayro75

    Vendor verification

    Mods Please delete this thread. Sorry!
  11. jayro75

    Cutter Recommendations

    I have been using one of those cheap plastic jobs from my local B&M and quite often my cuts have been leading to cracks in the wrapper of my sticks. I at first thought it was a humidity problem but quickly ruled that out. I realized yesterday that the blade on my cutter is dull and is not...
  12. jayro75

    Resting ISOM's

    I took the ISOM plunge about a month ago and received 2 boxes so far. Now I know alot of people say to wait 30-60 days before incinerating them but was wondering when they really become smokable? The reason I'm asking is I'm not sure if I can wait much longer.