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  1. cody5thou

    New Cabinet

    Triple D Shorty (temp controlled) made by Avallo. Matt did an awesome job. I still have plenty of room. Have more to add this afternoon. Probably going to keep my NC in my old coolidor
  2. cody5thou

    ? Boom ?

    I have had a long week. Weather sucks, feel like a melting zombie ?‍♂️! Sometimes I wonder why I work for myself. I get home and find a package on my desk and boom spirits are lifted. Thank you Brandon (Bfreebern)! I can’t wait to try these beers!!!!
  3. cody5thou

    April Fools Day

    I woke up to little eyes in the refrigerator. My kids thought this was so funny. Hope everyone has a great day. Cheers
  4. cody5thou

    Big Thank You to Brandon

    Thank you for the beer bomb. I can’t wait to try them!
  5. cody5thou

    Show me pictures of your Avallo

    I am debating on purchasing one. Trying to decide if the temperature control is worth the extra money. Please show me some pictures if you own one. Let me know what you like or dislike.
  6. cody5thou

    RIP Max

    Lost a great dog today. Max was 13 year old Weimaraner. He passed away today from a brain tumor. My wife and I let my parents take Max last year after they lost two labs. We had a puppy at the time and she drove Max crazy(when they were awake). My parents and kids are heartbroken. Please keep us...
  7. cody5thou

    Aristocrat/ Bob

    I wanted to place an order for an aristocrat the other day. Bob wrote me back and said that they were moving the shop and not taking orders at the moment. Found out today that he is supposedly closing down his shop. No more cabinets!!!!!!! Those that have them better hang on to them. Sad day!! I...
  8. cody5thou

    Happy Birthday Jfields

    Hope you have a great Birthday. Lite up a special smoke tonight! Cheers
  9. cody5thou

    2009 la verteia tatuaje

    I have found a box of 20 locally. My question is how much do you think they would go for? The person locally wants $500, unopened box. I would hold on to them for years without opening. They are very hard to find. At least I can't find them
  10. cody5thou

    Ok, this is nuts!

    I just got home popped a cold one. Went to go get the mail and BAM this is on the door step. Tree House Brewing Company. Thank you John aka Mr. Jfield. I never thought that I would get to try some brew from Tree House. Some sneaky people around here
  11. cody5thou

    This is why Cigar Pass is such a great place!!

    Thank you Bluue13 for your generosity. I have never tried any of these. You ask for help trying to find a certain beer and this is what is sent. Crazy, thank you. Blown away
  12. cody5thou

    Very Green and Julius

    Please let me know if anyone can help me score some of these. Thank you
  13. cody5thou

    Looking for some home brew/IPA

    Looking to try some IPA home brews. Please let me know if anyone has some I can try. Will send funds. Thanks,
  14. cody5thou

    Straight razors and DE razors?

    I know there have been post discussing shaving in the past, but I am just curious to see if there are enough members who shave like this to start it's own sub-thread? I have really been enjoying shaving with my DE razors and I am looking into getting a straight razor. For some reason...
  15. cody5thou

    Look what an air brush can do!

    This is pretty neat stuff. My link
  16. cody5thou

    New Baby, New Business and New Year

    Well, ladies and gentle it has been a great year. As many of you know I was a stay at home father for 2 yrs in Houston while my wife finished her Masters. She finished her school last year and we moved back to Plano. My family and I have started are own commercial real estate company this year...
  17. cody5thou

    ISO Russian River

    Looking for Blind Pig and some of the Pliny the Elder, please shoot me a PM if you can help. Thanks,
  18. cody5thou


    I am just curious to see how many waterfowl hunters are on CP? Anyone carve their own blocks or collect decoys? If so tell us about your favorite experience.
  19. cody5thou

    Addison, Texas Oktoberfest

    Hey guys I will be going to the Addison Oktoberfest this year. If anyone can go let me know, I will be going Sat night forsure, but will probably be there every night. Shoot me a PM and I will try to be there!
  20. cody5thou

    Who loves to take risk

    Hey brothers, I know a lot of you like to play in the market. Yeah, I know that market sucks right now, but go check out This is a great way to enjoy your sports while trading your favorite players.. I hope you guys enjoy!!!!