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    Cigar Activator Solution - Buy 1, Get 2 FREE!

    Cigar Activator Solution - Buy 1, Get 2 FREE! You read that right! Buy one 8 oz. bottle of Dave's Cigar Activator Solution and get two more 8 oz bottles absolutely FREE!
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    Cigar Humidor Humidity Beads Buy One Bag, Get Two FREE!

    Cigar Humidor Humidity Beads Buy One Bag, Get Two FREE!! That's right!!! Buy one 1/2 LB bag of humidity beads and get 2 more 1/2 LB bags of humidity beads for FREE!!! Please note: coupon codes cannot be used on this item.
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    The Motherlode 30 Cigar Sampler – FREE SHIPPING – PAYPAL ACCEPTED

    A stocking-stuffer that will pop the seams!! Get 30 amazing cigars hand selected by our staff from premium manufacturers including Rocky Patel, Carlos Torano, Gurkha, Perdomo and MANY more. We've carefully put together a sampler for newbies and aficionado alike. The best part? At this price it's...
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    Cigars & Accessories – PAYPAL ACCEPTED - FREE SITEWIDE SHIPPING Due to popular demand we have extended site-wide FREE SHIPPING on all of our products! *If you've been waiting for the perfect time to buy a gift for a loved one or yourself, this is it! Visit CheapHumidors and start...
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    Smokin' Hot Deals for the Holidays – FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING

    We're bringing 'em back! We've resurrected our best torch lighter combos and deals of the year. Miss a deal and been tossing and turning at night wishing it would come back? No more! These combos make great stocking stuffers for fellow smokers or for yourself. FREE U.S. Shipping...
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    Bugatti Lighter - Below Cost

    Only a few hours left - Bugatti Cigar Lighter less than cost! Get in on the deal at
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    FREE SHIPPING on Cigars, Humidors, etc and P A Y PAL Accepted

    FREE SHIPPING on Cigars, Humidors, etc and P A Y PAL Accepted Free shipping on cigar humidors, accessories and cigars at now through November 29th at midnight ET. We also now accept Pay pal for all purchases, including tobacco.
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    New Cigar Caddy/ Cigar Sampler Combo!

    Quick note to everyone: Although this particular item can't have coupons used I wanted to let you know that ALL of the coupons I've given out will expire this coming Friday. So, if you have one already and have been waiting, don't keep waiting! If you want to buy something and want a coupon...
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    A Fond Farewell

    Hey fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, I just wanted to let y'all know that I'll be leaving as of this Friday, and that this account will still remain active. In fact, it will be under the direct management of the CEO himself! I'll still answer any questions I can for...
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    What if all the world were a cigar bar?

    I'm putting together some one liners for a blog article I'm writing: What if all the world were a cigar bar? It never ceases to amaze me how cigar enthusiasts treat each other. Complete strangers send each other gifts worth a great deal, just for the satisfaction of seeing them enjoy it...
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    Triple Torch Lighter Combo!

    It's another great combo from!
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    Triple Double Economy Combo -

    Includes 2 telescoping cigar tubes (expandable to fit a Churchill sized cigar), the Double Flames Slide Lighter (with both torch and natural flames) and the Double Bladed Guillotine Cigar. Just $14.99! Click here to check it out. Get 'em before they're gone!
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    New Site

    Hey y'all, the CEO asked me to find out what you think about the layout, configuration, functionality, look/feel, psychic vibrations, etc. on our new website at If you guys have some time, I'd really appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have! They'll go directly to...
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    Going somewhere? 40 Ct Cigar Caddy on sale!

    DESCRIPTION: The ideal travel humidor made for people on the go, or avid outdoorsmen who want ultimate protection for their cigars during their commute, while exposing them to the various elements of nature. DIMENSIONS: 12.25" W x 10.25" D x 5.375" H FEATURES Holds up to 40 Churchills...
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    Mazel tov!

    Our CH family is growing! Two members of our corporate staff just had a son! I thought it would be cool to put together a card with responses from our friends like y'all in the cigar community as a gift for them. If you have a comment (or advice, it's their first kid!) comment here and I'll get...
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    Denial of Service Attack at

    It looks like our website is back up and operational. You may experience some slowness on the site for a brief period. I'm glad this didn't last very long and hopefully it's over now!
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    Denial of Service Attack at is currently suffering from a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Although you can rest assured that if you've made purchases in the past or subscribe to our newsletter that all of your personal data and information is safe, the website may not be accessible while we attempt to...
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    3 Triple Flame Butane lighters - $12.99! From

    Hey y'all: It's that time of the month again! Here's the special offer from our sister site BuyLighters - get 'em while they're hot! Can't use the CigarPass coupon with this deal, but c'mon - do you really need to lol?
  19. H - 3 Butane Lighters for $21.99!

    Always working on the best deals for y'all!
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    Cigar Caddy + Cigars + Cutter + Lighter - $29.99 from CheapHumido

    Here's the new special combo offer from! Limited quantity so hurry!