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Search results

  1. Satchmo

    Pellet grills/smokers. Whatdoyagot?

    They have a 2nd generation that fixed a lot of the issues on the original.
  2. Satchmo

    Pellet grills/smokers. Whatdoyagot?

    Rob banned me for 8 years, but I'm free again! Missed you too.
  3. Satchmo

    Pellet grills/smokers. Whatdoyagot?

    I've got a Weber gasser and Weber Smokey Mountain right now. I don't use the WSM because family, lazy (insert other excuses) so I'm want a set it/forget it pellet grill/smoker to replace the current setup. I'd like to be able to get to 500F or more for grilling. I'm thinking about the Recteq...
  4. Satchmo

    Porting or parking cell phone numbers

    Have a business cell now and want to keep hold my old personal cell number but not pay for the service. Has anyone ported or parked a number? I'm looking at a service like Tossable Digits or similar. It would be several dollars a month instead of 50-60?
  5. Satchmo

    Anyone else using a cpap machine?

    I had moderate sleep apnea with minor O2 drop so if you don't mind the mouth piece, it's a great alternative.   I may have to try it.  I'm sure Brandon could get used to it as well(just like his tiara and gag ball).
  6. Satchmo

    Anyone else using a cpap machine?

    I hated mine.  Could not get used to it.  It sat on the shelf for months and I finally got rid of it.  My O2 levels were good, but I snore and do not feel rested in the morning.  I am kicking the tires on some of the surgery options, but most people say that the results do not last.   Maybe its...
  7. Satchmo

    I May Have Found A New Girlfriend!

    P5000 is like a door knob, everyone gets a turn......  Tell her I said hello  :love:
  8. Satchmo

    I'm not looking for sympathy

    Steve,   I'm glad things are moving in the right direction!  I've had two success stories in my family recently I wanted to share.  My brother in law has had stage 4 cancer twice in the past 5-6 years.  The first bout was done in by surgery and a new beta test drug.  He was clean for several...
  9. Satchmo

    Bundle Cigars.

    I haven't heard much about the Consuegras in a while.  I haven't had one in a LOOONGG time until someone handed me one after a sales conference.  Not a bad little buck a stick stoogie.
  10. Satchmo

    What beer did you drink today? 2014

      You speak the truth, John.  This is the only LoF I would miss.  I only tried a few and gave up on them.  Never had Mexican Cake.  There was stout on Beer Geeks that sounded pretty tasty too!!  Can't remember what it was.
  11. Satchmo

    What beer did you drink today? 2014

    I just had my last bottle of the New Belgium Lips of Faith Cocoa Mole.  It was different brew, but I really liked it.  Chocolate and some heat from the peppers.... who wudda thunk?
  12. Satchmo

    Could use some prayers today.

    Good luck.     No whammy, no whammy, no whammy.... 
  13. Satchmo

    In Denver 7/30-8/3 and Estes Park 8/4-8/8, lookin to Herf.

    If you are heading to Estes Park, I think Fort Collins is close by.  There are a lot of nice brew pubs in town (New Belgium, Odell's, Funkwerks are some favs).
  14. Satchmo

    Bloody Mary

    The mixes are hit or miss.  We used to use Major Peter's spicy mix.  Not too shabby for a mix.  Has some decent bit.  Heard Trader Joe's is decent.  Not a fan of Zing Zang.   Lately, if we make a Bloody Mary, I've been using tequilla.  Nice change of pace.  I like 'em better than vodka.
  15. Satchmo


      Interesting.  The MES seemed like a decent unit, but a lot people mentioned the chip tray needs to be filled frequently.  That Cook Shack smoker looks like a beast as well.
  16. Satchmo


      I have a rib rack.  It is more of a pain to clean than skewers.  You have to split your rack in half to fit them on a 18.5" WSM also.  The skewers are great.
  17. Satchmo


    I'm guessing they were were referring to rolling them up on skewers.  Its a great method if you are short on grill real estate.  Rib racks are nice to.  Is that a Weber Smokey Mountain you are working on?  I love mine, but have been dreaming about Masterbulit Electric Smoker for some reason...
  18. Satchmo

    1st Cigar that blew you away!

    The Ashton VSG figurado was the one that did it for me.  Tasty little cigar, and I get a kick out of vitola.  
  19. Satchmo

    A shout out to our BOTL in CO, ilikesfishes!

      I just had one for breakfast the other day and I bet those 10 yr old ones are mellowed out by now.  I was fortunate to get some of that cough syrup as well, thinking about having some tonight, my first time.     I was joking about the Dark Lord cough syrup since John mentioned something...
  20. Satchmo

    A shout out to our BOTL in CO, ilikesfishes!

    I've heard he enjoys Power Rangers.     B, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit after reading that.  I have some xXx that are around 10 years old that should have mellowed enough my grandmother could smoke them.  I will wait another 5 years and fire one up.   Fields, Dr. Kendall suggest...