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    Shopping List Contest

    Thanks for the contest and congratulations on the one year anny. I haven't seen any suggestions for the RP seasonals and would like to recommend the Autumn Collection 2009 Toro. Good construction and medium to medium full bodied cigar with some spice and a good sweet tobacco flavor through...
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    Cigar Girl® reminder

    I like CP and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face I get sprung...... -Montagieu
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    Finally back from Oklahoma and ready to bust open my humi.

    Finally back from Oklahoma and ready to bust open my humi.
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    They're Gone! They're All Gone!

    Just an update for anyone who cares. I finally found the box my wifey packed my humidor in. Of course it was only labeled "Master Bedroom" along with 10 other boxes labeled the exact same way. God forbid we have to move again, but if we do, I'll be sure to put a big sign on my humi saying...
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    Today's Smoke II

    After my wife packed my humidor for our move, I picked up a La Aroma de Cuba robusto from my local B&M. Not a bad $6.00 smoke but the Brick House is still my favorite in that price range. -Montagieu
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    They're Gone! They're All Gone!

    With so many logistical points to work on during our moving process, telling my wife not to box up my humidor completely slipped my mind. Now all my babies are in temporary storage for a week. Luckily I had just charged my HF beads and the storage unit is climate controlled. When we get to...
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    My first comment!! Thanks Diesel-Smoker!!

    My first comment!! Thanks Diesel-Smoker!!
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    What was the best cigar you ever smoked?

    A Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo with a maduro wrapper. Smoked two in a row while watching "The Hangover". Good movies and good cigars were made for each other. -Montagieu
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    3 Year / 5000 Posts Contest!

    Congratulations and here's to many more years for each of us (drinks beer). My guess: 194
  10. M

    Brick House Robusto

    Glad to see another review on the Brick House line. Having only smoked the Churchill, after seeing your review I went out and purchased a few in the Robusto size. Burned one last night and enjoyed it as well. I hope to see this line gain in popularity because it's hard to beat the price and...
  11. M

    Haiku for my Victims

    Vengeance shall be mine The reticle stares him down His mailbox trembles. As the cold wind blows The ninth letter hears a sound Cadence of bombs. -Montagieu
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    Padron Serie 26 No. 1 Maduro

    Your review makes me want to break my 26's out and smoke 'em. However, the freezing fog and light snow flurries are probably going to keep me inside today. I see that the Saison Dupont label says it is bottle conditioned which means that they leave the yeast in to let the beer carbonate in the...
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    New Brand Launching - Reinado Cigars

    Reinado Cigars has a Twitter feed Here. No activity for a while. I was looking forward to reviewing these. -Montagieu
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    A Cigar Reviewers Journey

    Group buy? -Montagieu
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    Dont mess with an old man

    This one is YouTube gold. Going straight to My Favorites. -Montagieu
  16. M

    Anyone else working today?

    A few weeks ago when we had two snow days in a row and most of the town was shut down, our two B&Ms were open. They open every day (except Sunday) no matter what. -Montagieu
  17. M

    Orthosilicic Acid from Beer

    Linky to Article I have seen similar studies in the "Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture" and the "British Journal of Nutrition". I'd be interested to hear what our BOTL doctors and nutritionists think. By the way, do strippers with silicon count as our daily intake? -Montagieu
  18. M

    Brick House Churchill

    I know Seriouscigars.com sells the Brick House line up, but I have no idea if they ship overseas. -Montagieu
  19. M

    She's finally finished...

    Very nice rifle you have there. Feeding that baby is where it's going to hurt, unless you reload. But good luck finding small rifle primers. They haven't had small pistol primers up here since begining of 2009. -Montagieu
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    Brick House Churchill

    So this is my first review. I haven't seen another review on this cigar and thought it would be a good one to cut my teeth on. Name: Brick House Churchill Measurements: 7.25" x 50 Nicaraguan Puro My apologies to you foodies but cigars just don't have food flavors to me. While enjoying this...