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Search results

  1. Pugman1943

    Wine Cooler “conversion”

    Very impressive write up, explanation, photos. I enjoyed following along, and for the dollars you spent you should go to confession. Great post.
  2. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday Stogie Wear!

    Happy Birthday.
  3. Pugman1943

    Happy Thread

    Ya look good Jon, wishing you great success.
  4. Pugman1943

    Cigar picks/pokers?

    And before you ask, yeah, I've grabbed it by mistake for a stick. Y
  5. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday bmd34202!

    Happy Birthday, come on back and say hello again. We are way more fun that work.
  6. Pugman1943

    RIP Jimmy Buffett

    Margaritaville Is the place to be, friendly, great drinks and it feels like home. Had the pleasure of visiting two of them, Florida and Mexico. As a musician I really enjoyed the song, kind of got my wires uncrossed. Gonna miss you man, but keep a seat open for me, wacting to jam with you.
  7. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    :LFD ligero from the mighty Cadiz warrior @kann . Dam smooth smoke.
  8. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    NO, it smoked just fine, didn't feel any pepper.
  9. Pugman1943

    Are these real Cubans?

    If the photo was better the hologram would help decide.
  10. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    Pepper Cream Soda while enjoying 82°
  11. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    RP 5-5 and a la-de-temperature of 94 what's to complain about.
  12. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday cookie_1978

    Happy Birthday Cookie, so we now know when the Momster has a birthday, chew on man 👹
  13. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    Desvalido and a morning at least starting at 74 degrees.
  14. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday Rod !

    Happy Birthday Rod, and thank you for all the things we don't know, but happen. It's a great home.
  15. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday Charley

    Happy Birthday
  16. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2023

    Amazon Basin from 2019 and smoking just fine.
  17. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday SamClemmons !

    Happy Birthday Mark Twain, let's go paint a fence.
  18. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday dawgie34203 !

    Happy Birthday, any dawg is a friend of mine.
  19. Pugman1943

    Interesting Plumage Bird

    A red breasted Robin or female Cardinal. Let me know if I win.