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    without discussing sources

    I think that would be a question better addressed to Rod or a FOG via PM and not on the public board.
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    December Blizzard of 08'

    :whistling: DC 03050830000354403453 :whistling:
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    December Blizzard of 08'

    Yes, I can see them rolling to the PO Box in their Rascals mailing their bombs :)
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    December Blizzard of 08'

    I think too many people think we did this for reasons we did not. Just a newbies way of Passing forward the good will we've received from some of the best and knowledgeable guys on CP. It's meant as a sincere THANK YOU and nothing more. I can't speak for others, but I do not anticipate, desire...
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    December Blizzard of 08'

    :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
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    Opus X Black Tins of 3 cigars

    So thery're not a special blend or of any age? They're just prettied up in that tin?
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    Opus X Black Tins of 3 cigars

    A freind gifted me a black tin that holds 3 Opus X Cigars. They say they are Rare Estate Reserve. It also says Reserva d Chateau and 3 Ultra Rare Cigars. Does anyone know what these are exactly? Are they a new issue? What size are they? Any help would be appreciated...search came up where...
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    A Happy Birthday to jfields!

    Have a healthy and happy Birthday John. You deserve one hell of a day.
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    Question for a FOG

    Never thought about it that way...but, Doc speaks wisdom. PM someone and try it that way. Look back on some posts, find someone that's been here a while that posts with knowledge, and PM them.
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    Anyone use an online backup service?

    Rod, I use Mozy and find it to work very seamlessly. You never even know it's working unless it's backing up while you're watching a video or something. Plus, the price is just right...free!! Yes..I agree..it's not a "primary" backup type thing. I use it as my 3rd backup behind a network drive...
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    What a great evening

    I enjoyed it as well. I didn't know Brian personally, but felt I needed to show up in chat anyways as a sign of respect to CP, his family, and the great BOTL's on here. When I saw chat running so slow, I logged off so that it would take some strain off the system for those who wanted to talk...
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    Patches installed

    5 minutes of downtime is little to pay for a site that's %99.999 percent spam free. I know it's been said before...but never enough...Thnak You Rod for all you do to keep this place running so smoothly. We all appreciate it more than you know. God bless, and I hope you and your family have a...
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    Good tips!

    Just wondering...what's the price tag say at the bottom of the tubo? It almost looks like an American monetary price tag (would be a no-no). Just curious. Great TIP....Great SMOKE!
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    Congratulations Moki

    Damn Moki, look what you went and did!! Great Job brother. Here's wishing that little one a life of happiness and health. God bless you and your family.
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    I have sad news.

    I think a donation to MDS would be a great way to remember such a fine BOTL. I'll fire one up for Brian Wednesday, and I'm gonna bomb a newbie in his honor. I know that the whole PIF idea was very important to him. Prayers to his family. He will be missed.
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    Tatuaje Frank

    Greg, sounds like we had the same experience with this cigar. It's definitely an "event" cigar. The last one I smoked took 2 hours. Pete told me last week that next year's Monster series smoke would be "The Drac" after Dracula. He wouldn't spill much, but they said to look for a torpedo shape...
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    Best Caption Contest

    You tellin' me that this is the guy responsible for World Boar II?
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    Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    I always sweeten mine by taste with some maple syrup, pecans, a little butter and pecans. Oh yeah, and a nice splash of bourbon. The little marshmallow things on top does nothing for me. I just top with another splash of bourbon. And, you can always leave out the pecans if you don't like them...