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Search results

  1. M

    Pavlov has me figured out....

    I spit when outside and swallow when inside.  I find that once I start spitting, I have to constantly spit.  I too dislike the taste of smoke infused saliva.
  2. M

    Cedar on or off

    Hmm that's interesting.  I wonder how he kept the burn going steadily?
  3. M

    Aged Cigars... Yum Yum Yum

    With cigars, who knows?  I've also talked with a person that aged Padrons (the 1926) 8 years in their humi and they swore it was the best Padron they've had.  I say, open them up to test them and try several sticks.  I would say worst case scenario, if they turned out to be very mellow, try...
  4. M

    Aged Cigars... Yum Yum Yum

    Bad news mate.  While many Arturo Fuente cigars benefits from aging, Padrons on the other hand is almost universally advised against doing so.  I hear the x000 series can benefit from some aging, but the Anniv. series comes pre-aged and are best right when you buy em.
  5. M

    Swisher Sweet buys Drew Estate

      I agree... but DE wasn't making much money off of me anyways so I'm sure they don't even give a Dirty Rat's ass what my opinion is anyways.
  6. M

    Butane refill for ST DuPont Defi Extreme

    A good quality butane is a good quality butane.  Not much to it.
  7. M

    Traveling with cigars

    Leave cigars in bag.  TSA doesn't care about it.  It doesn't matter if it's CCs either.  That's Customs job, not TSA.  Leave your torch lighter at home unless you want to risk it.  Unless it's in one of those fancy containers linked by Blindedbyscience, you can't take 'em.  Even if you do get...
  8. M

    What will happen to non-Cuban cigars...

    Agreed.  The NC's will probably take a dip in sales for the first few years, then as the mystique wears off, people will go back to the cigars they love.  The only ones that would have to worry would be the Dominican cigars that are currently using CC names, namely General and Altadis (although...
  9. M

    Headed to LA... Cigar Lounge?

    Just as an update, it seems like Shamlux pushed their Taco Tuesday to the third week this month.  Didn't want people to show up and be disappointed. 
  10. M

    Headed to LA... Cigar Lounge?

      I used to be there regularly on Fridays and most Taco Tuesdays.  Not so much lately after my work schedule has changed.  If you want to go during Taco Tues and not stand around, I advise that you may want to come earlier and grab one of the sofas in there before it gets too crowded.  I might...
  11. M

    Headed to LA... Cigar Lounge?

      I'll admit, not a whole lot to do here at San Fernando Valley.  Mainly suburbia.  Might be a bit longer drive than you would prefer just to smoke cigars if you're going to be staying at Buena Park though...
  12. M

    Headed to LA... Cigar Lounge?

    It's in the valley, but if you're going to be in area on the 14th, come on by to Shamlux.  They do a Taco Tuesday every second Tuesday of the month.  I think it starts around 5pm and ends around 8pm.  Buy $10 worth of cigars and it's all you can eat tacos.  Good food, great crowd, nice...
  13. M

    Cigar count?

    I try to keep mine under a 100, although now that I've started purchasing CCs, that number might rise a bit.  In general, I find that most cigars that I prefer don't age gracefully and don't smoke frequently enough to keep more on hand.  I would rather buy more frequently than have it sitting in...
  14. M

    This weather sucks!

      Haha.  Yeah, I drove to work with the ac on at 4am that day.  Thank goodness the weather cooled off a bit.  
  15. M

    outdoor smoking in the late fall/winter

    Ugh... this week's been pretty harsh.  Weather forecast doesn't make it look any prettier...
  16. M

    Did Puff finally go Poof?

    They were having some issues before.  Maybe this time, it's finally done 'em in.
  17. M

    outdoor smoking in the late fall/winter

    Yeah.  Can't wait for fall/winter so that I can finally start smoking outside comfortably when the sun's still up.
  18. M

    Infusion project

      lol, I was looking at that pictures and thinking, "please tell me it's the flash that's making the cigars look that white."
  19. M

    Is the ISOM market stagnant/inferior? And a couple questions...

      I think you guys are breaking it down too simplistically.  If there were no innovation with cigars, all the cigars would probably taste similar... in which case, why bother smoking a $10 stick over a $2 stick?  There's innovation in various points.  It could be a change in rolling method, it...
  20. M

    Is the ISOM market stagnant/inferior? And a couple questions...

    I do agree that from my experience with CCs, there does seem to be a higher ratio of plugged cigars.  Here's my guess... A) Cubans may prefer a tighter draw so they're closer to that plugged threshold B) Extreme high demand leads to producing beyond their means which leads to lower QC C) People...