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Search results

  1. {tpc}

    I'm humbled!

    Nice hit!
  2. {tpc}

    What is this?

    Really? I had no idea…
  3. {tpc}

    Are cigarillos a waste of money?

    I haven’t had a short/panatela Cuban in years but when I have had them they were excellent too!
  4. {tpc}

    Birdy got back

    Yes, yes she does…
  5. {tpc}

    Are cigarillos a waste of money?

    I like the Davidoff Nicaraguan ones that come in a tin. Might be a little bigger than cigarillos though? I think you still have to cut them
  6. {tpc}

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2023 Season

    Where are we sending sticks to again? I swear I saw it in a message or a thread but I’ll be damned if I can’t find it. Lol. Fwiw mine will fly on Tuesday as I’ll be out of town this weekend.
  7. {tpc}

    Happy birthday Rod !

    Happy Birthday!! 🎁🎂🎈🎉🎊
  8. {tpc}

    Non-Cigar Purchases

    Champion makes a nice unit. Not necessarily the quietest depending on which one you get, but if you take care of them well, they run well. The inverter ones are definitely part of the quieter line. We have a smaller one that isn’t an inverter but is a champion. I use it to run the travel...
  9. {tpc}

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Thanks for the cool photo ed, makes for a interesting read! Someone, though I’m not sure it was them, but someone here in Michigan a few years back pre COVID tried to open a anchor bar buffalo wing place. It never got off the ground, probably because of location, but I do recall the logo as...
  10. {tpc}

    Happy Thread

    They are always watching, always listening…😱
  11. {tpc}

    Photo Thread

    Skeet shooting is a lot of fun!
  12. {tpc}

    Netflix and other shows you are watching

    Agreed! I didn’t even realize until the other day that it had a second part to it, and I was pleasantly surprised. 😊 I’m also enjoying Dark Sky right now, I think that’s amc? Or fx?
  13. {tpc}

    What's this ?

    Kauai Cigars are pretty good, I like the “island prince”, which I’ve been told they used to hand out to the nfl guys at the pro bowl when it was held in Hawaii. Not sure of the truth of that one, but just the same, I enjoyed the cigars as well. A friend of mine bought a box once and shared...
  14. {tpc}

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Yes thanks for the fun time, I just wish I could get there more often!
  15. {tpc}

    NFL talk

    Honestly, anything with “redzone” even if it’s just “redzone” is pretty damn good for sundays. I think all Monday night are still espn, all Thursday night are Amazon prime, and all overseas games are nfl network. So with Xfinity, I pay an extra $10 for nfl network and redzone. I already have...
  16. {tpc}

    Happy birthday TexasTraveler

    Happy Birthday!!!
  17. {tpc}

    Happy birthday Eqwhippette!

    Happy birthday!
  18. {tpc}

    On Vacation in Buffalo

    Looks like a great space!!
  19. {tpc}

    I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.

    Congrats! I can’t imagine what I’d do in retirement. I’ve always got something going on that I can’t get to the things I want to do already. I guess that means I would finish that stuff up, but after that first 6 months what would I do with the rest of my life. 😂